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Who voted for Edward Snowden?

by Elizabeth Coady - IN AN EDITORIAL ENTITLED, “WHO VOTED FOR SNOWDEN?,”the Wall Street Journal preposterously argues that the NSA systems analyst’s exposure of the massive U.S. surveillance system thwarts democracy.

“What he himself is doing is profoundly antidemocratic,” rails Joseph Sternberg, “in the contempt it shows for the preferences of millions of fellow citizens expressed at the ballot box—and even for those citizens’ right to have a definitive say in the matter at all.”

The claim is ludicrous — mendacious propaganda — because we expect elected officials to seek public opinion before enacting legislation. Instead, Obama, and Bush before him, at every turn have stymied reporters and criminalized whistleblowers who unveiled the NSA’s chilling surveillance machine...

"The issue is not whether Edward Snowden is a “traitor," as Republican House Speaker John Boehner pronounced him Tuesday. "The issue is whether his claims are true."


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Who voted for NSA officials who committed crimes?

Snowden took an oath, which includes reporting felonies. He is guilty of no crime except doing his job, as the documents he released revealed criminal activity by NSA. Likewise, Bradley Manning committed no crime.

WHO does this witch think is the real "employer?" Both Snowden and Manning did their jobs, which is more than I can say about anyone else in government, at all levels.

Rare opportunity to place limits on our power-mad government

Reuters' columnist Jack Schafer contends “the willingness of the government to punish leakers is inversely proportional to the leakers’ rank and status, which is bad news for someone so lacking in those attributes as Edward Snowden. ...We should question his selective prosecution.” The columnist writes that we all owe Snowden “a debt of gratitude” for finally triggering debate over the “government’s secret but “legal” intrusions into our privacy. His leaks…give us a once-in-a-generation opportunity to place limits on our power-mad government.”