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Retired Federal Judge, Now Harvard Law Professor: "Faith in the FISA Court is dramatically misplaced"

Interesting. And here I thought kangaroo courts were totally trustworthy?

During a panel discussion on constitutional privacy protection in the wake of a leaked Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court decision that revealed widespread NSA data collection, U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner stood up in the audience to counter the statements of conservative law professor Nathan Sales that secret surveillance requests are subject to meaningful judicial review. She cautioned:

"As a former Article III judge, I can tell you that your faith in the FISA Court is dramatically misplaced. Two reasons: One … The Fourth Amendment frameworks have been substantially diluted in the ordinary police case. One can only imagine what the dilution is in a national security setting. Two, the people who make it on the FISA court, who are appointed to the FISA court, are not judges like me. Enough said."

But that wasn't "enough said," cuz she said more, and it's all worth reading: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2013/06/14/2163441/retired-...

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I read some of the articles on this sight and then scrolled to the comments (like I always do for the DP). There are some extreme stereotypicals on that site, still stuck in the left-right paradigm.