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Rush Tacitly Endorses Ron Paul


NewsMax has reported that conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh last week explicitly disavowed both McCain and Huckabee, saying "If either of these two guys get the nomination, it's going to destroy the Republican Party." This week Rush washed his hands of the rest when he stated that he might even not support the eventual GOP nominee!

"I never thought I would say that in my life." said a dismayed Limbaugh. He went on to admit that the "it's my turn" approach taken by the party with Bob Dole in '96 seems to be "the same scenario" the GOP is planning as its strategy for 2008.

Now with "mainstream candidates" dropping like flies, and the "remaining anointed" disavowed by "Mr. Republican," Rush Limbaugh himself, isn't that as good as an endorsement of Ron Paul?

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all the conservatives

are going after McCain and Huckabee, even going so far as to say the liberal media is conspiring to prop them up (!?!?) so they can be defeated by a Democrat!

I still say that Rudy is being set up to come back, that he is the chosen one to lose to the Democrat..... and that is why Ron Paul has a legitimate chance to win this thing!
They have NOBODY!
I only fear that they might scare the sheeple into voting for someone that will continue the aggressive wars in the name of fighting terrorism. You know, give them something to "always remember" again.

"Make fun, buddy" ~ Ron Paul to Mitt Romney (on behalf of the American people who are tired of being stolen from and lied to) at fauxnewz debate-Jan 10, 2008
(google Murray Sabrin)

Romney and Giuliani

Romney and Giuliani - they are the establishment candidates

I like Rush

But he will eventually support Romney...One: that's where his bread is buttered, and Two: the thought of President Hillary will be too much for him.

McCain won't get the nod because Rush will keep on with the "Captain Queeg-McCain" issue. Rush cannot stand McCain. Go Rush! We can't afford The Manchurian Candidate as President!

So, it will either be Romney, or Dr Paul! (Hopefully the latter--praying hard!)

Let's Reign! (Rev. 5:10)

Let's Reign! (Rev. 5:10)
Valrico (Hillsborough County), Florida

He likes Romney.

He likes Romney.

yeah because romney is his boss.....

romney's company bought clear channel

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul