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Many Scandals Diversion from the Big Scandal ?

Investigative journalist and teacher of logic/critical thinking Jon Rappoport speculates that there may be an agenda at play with all the scandals coming out. Afterall, others have reported spying on the American people before. How come it didn't get the kind of media attention that we see now ?

You may agree or disagree with him, but Jon Rappoport usually presents you with things to think about. Check out his blog post entitled "Multiplying scandals to hide the one scandal that could sink Obama" posted on June 15th and his earlier articles on this subject at his blog site:


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Read it earlier

Any facts (solid, verified evidence) involved in this theory, or just the suppositions made therein?

The problem with this theory is, Benghazi will never be the BIG scandal (it's still awful and immoral) until someone can come forth with some kind of motive for not rendering assistance. With all the talk out there, no one has really given a solid reason. Unfortunately with out that information, to most Americans it will be nothing more than a he said/she said story.

The other problem with this Jon guy's argument, is that even if all of these leaks are phony and calculated by handlers, it inevitably will embolden real whistleblowers to come forth.

Because Classified Top Secret

Because Classified Top Secret documents being leaked of government wrong doing is ultimate proof?

Hi michael . . .

thanks for your comment. Please continue - what did you mean by 'ultimate proof'?