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Rand Touts Hispanics Stating they Will Provide 12 Million More Taxpayers!

I'm sorry to all you alsoRand supporters, but telling illegal hispanics 'we will find a place for you' and 'Imagine 12 million people who are already here coming out of the shadows to become new taxpayers' is a concept somebody like Carl Rove would make. Does he really even have a clue about how the whole system works? These people are never going to vote GOP, unless they start selling welfare!

He definitely doesn't understand the illegal immigration catastrophe to our Republic, but you would think growing up with Dr Paul as his father, he would know never tout the Federal Reserve scheme called the IRS. I mean one day he's Dr Paul reincarnated, the next he's more like a Bush familiy member. I warned about the Zionist allure, and he seems to be consuming it like a rabid dog. He has been traveling the evangelical Zionist circuit of late, and they are putting the Satanic mind meld on him, and he is consuming it in stride. Ron knew never to try politics with them, as Satan always wins, and you lose.
I know many Rand supporters will get all bent out of shape by 6y comments, but will be refusing to except the empirical facts. I know we will never get another Dr Paul, but there is only so many exceptions you can compromise before the bad starts to out weigh the good. I knew after he met with Kristol and the neocons after his senate GOP nomination, and his politics started to devolve to their direction, he was in trouble. I will continue to support Rand when he stands for Constitutional principle, but his support for amnesty and taxation is the deal killer for supporting a national run. The experts say conservatively, amnesty will add 30 million more hispanics in 10yrs, which I would estimate will add at least another 20 million to the welfare system. Who do you think they will vote for, a constitutional minded Republican or a Socialist welfare granting Democrat. And, for those who think the welfare system could be reformed to end the dilemma, the Democrats will gain total control,ending all chances for reprisal. In the end we will end up like a chaotic cesspool in Mexico, where hard work will only keep you above the poverty level. Here, is just a quick overview compiled by Frosty Wooldridge of the result of amnesty.

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