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Chile is the new "America" of the 21st century: The Weekend Vigilante June 15, 2013

The Weekend Vigilante June 15, 2013

Chile is the new "America" of the 21st century. You can open a corporation here over the internet in one day. Any major building permits submitted to the government must be responded to in 15 days! That explains the hundreds of new highrise apartment buildings in Vina del Mar. The government is mostly staying out of the way and not actively putting up roadblocks to free enterprise like in Europe and the United State.

How long will it last? That's anyones guess... but considering Chile recently had a horrible bout with communism and now is reaping the rewards of freedom greatly in this region any major change back to socialism is likely a long way away. It took the US decades to erode most of the underpinnings of freedom and destroy most of the wealth built during that period.

Hello from opulent Vina del Mar, Chile,

I first visited Vina in 2005, eight years ago now, and my impression then was that it was a nice but quiet beach town. I’ve since visited a few times in the last year and the changes are truly unbelievable.

On my first visit in 2005, at this same time of the year near winter, there wasn’t much activity. There was one small bar that wasn’t very busy and just a few decent restaurants. Now it has turned into a world-class city. The population of this area is about one million, but since the place is less than a two-hour drive from Santiago that number swells. The amount of five-star restaurants is uncountable. There are many on almost every block and the city has expanded so much both to the south to Valpariaso and to the north with what seems to be hundreds of new, modern highrise apartment buildings that it would take you weeks to visit all the trendy, modern hotspots.


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There is no better place

I lived in Ecuador for 6 months, checked it out for cheap living and good health care as advertised. Really it was a great experience and most Indigenous were very nice but they are getting resentful. I learned the Gringoes were exploiting these people, buying and building all over the place then leaving and many homes now for sale at large prices. There were many robberies and good friends were badly beaten up within a month of moving into their new home (now back in FL). Wondered why all the locals live behind concrete walls with broken glass on top and some out of town employ an armed guard, now I know.

Governments change constantly and you never know what you are going to get. At any time they could come in, kick you out and take your homes. China is now occupying the US Airbase and buying land to develop. Cheap subsidized fuel being fazed out as of this last week's report. Do not trust the governments.

See Mike's article as to why he returned to US. "Should you leave the USA before the collapse? Words of wisdom from someone who tried"

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034404_preppers_collapse_bugging_...

Comment from DV site:

"Given the Mel slam and the over-hyping of prices that are only exceptional by US West Coast standards, it is easy to guess that most of the people involved in this Galt's Gulch project are "oh we were so smart to get out of California after manipulating the legal system to drive up price to five times free market levels" snobs. They are not going to create a libertarian paradise by selling $50,000 scrubland ranchettes to urbanites who wouldn't know a cowpie from a gopher hole."

I kinda had this reaction too.

Monsanto offices in Chile -

Monsanto offices in Chile - http://www.monsanto.com/whoweare/Pages/chile.aspx

The only two nations that are not GMO'd in South America are Peru and Ecuador.

of course

because the Tribe has not yet been allowed to infiltrate the nation, thanks to Pinochet.

just you wait until they ruin that country with feminism, central banking, presstitutes, cultural marxism, class warfare and degeneracy.

an doctrine works as long as it's nationalist and keeps the foreign agent away.



"the Tribe" how long will it last before that word gets outlawed ;)

Pinochet was a great leader.

Pinochet was a great leader. Disgusting how patriots like him get turned into monsters by the leftist MSM.

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Daily lurker since 09' and

Daily lurker since 09' and yet first time poster. Great reading and excellent commentary every day I visit! I joined, however, because I just couldn't let this slide. I'm not sure if you lived in Chile during the Pinochet era but my wife's family did. They are all Chilean. In fact, they were political refugees who had to flee into Argentina where my wife was born. I have sat down with a lot of Chilean folks who were forced out of their county by the hand of the US government (Pinochet)and not one of them has anything good to say about that puppet. I have listened to tales of kidnapping, torture, murder you name it. My uncle-in-law showed me the wounds from his days being tortured by para-military (all funded by the US) units with electric-shock, finger nail pulling and anything else you can imagine. The only good thing that has come out of the horror is that my wife, who used to be a socialist, is now a libertarian. I forced her to watch Ron Paul on youtube for 4 hours straight and from that point on Liberty was in her blood. Anyways, greetings to all.

I don't know much about him,

I don't know much about him, can you expand, or tell me where to go? Thanks!

Milton Friedman wrote

Milton Friedman wrote extensively about the Chilean Miracle and advised Pinochet during the time he lead Chile.


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Even the most radial of socialists in Chile

Even the most radial of socialists in Chile acknowledge that Chile couldn't be in its position of immense advantage, without Pinochet's contributions. I used to have a friend whose father and uncle were the founders of the Chilean socialist party. You can imagine that I have a pretty high gag reflex threshold...