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"NSA Scheme Broke Terrorist Plots In Over 20 Counties" (Every comment posted says BS!) lol.

NOBODY is buying the lies our criminal government is selling. Check out the comments people posted under the article:

C Dundee on Jun 16, 9:38 AM said:

Why should we believe this.
They've lied about everything else. Everything.

Nick on Jun 16, 9:48 AM said:

Still not worth giving up our privacy

Jay Carter on Jun 16, 9:48 AM said:

I don't like the idea of sacrificing liberty for perceived security.

Nick on Jun 16, 10:06 AM said:
@Jay Carter:
Give me liberty or give me death. Live free or die.

Our country was founded on those principles. Just saying.

sarah palin on Jun 16, 9:48 AM said:

We should look forward to lots of stories to justifying spying on Americans, but it doesn't make it right. How about requiring transparency for a change?

Delta Wild Man on Jun 16, 9:52 AM said:

My question is this..
Did the terrorists do as much damage to the Rights and Liberties of the American People as our own Federal Government has done since 9/11/01?
I think not..

Downhill from here on Jun 16, 10:00 AM said:

So we're spending billions of dollars to set up a system that checks 300 phone numbers per year?

w on Jun 16, 10:00 AM said:

yeah, and Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction!

Dean Wormer on Jun 16, 10:01 AM said:

The problem with the press is that they are always looking for another story to sell more advertising.
The problem with liberals is that they are always thinking in the intellectual abstract instead of reality, which in this case is DEATH.

What a f'king tempest in a teapot this whole thing has turned out to be. Thanks Washpo. Now pls go back to your business which is going out of business.

RealOlist on Jun 16, 10:11 AM said:
@Dean Wormer:
What a ignorant comment. You're offering up your throat and the throats of your descendants for what?
So that the Bureaucrat Caste and the Crony Corporatist's will keep you comfortably numb!

Izzo on Jun 16, 10:02 AM said:

Oh wow, so lets make up stories to justify the trampling of the constitution.Of course we stopped all the terrorist schemes that were ever hatched thanks to spying on all of you. While we are it it why dont we impose martial law and then we can stop all crimes while executing people on the side walk so we can feel safer lol.

This is a sad sad joke.

ferret on Jun 16, 10:10 AM said:

This release from the same gov that created al qaeda via the cia in league with britains mi 6 and blamed 911 on this same al qaeda , which 911 was a false flag and anyone who can walk and chew gum knows 911 was a false flag, and then this same gov bombed libya for 8 months to install al qaeda in control of libya and now is attempting to put al qaeda in control of syria.

So the same ones who would believe this govs reports would also believe that pigs can fly and you can build a snowman in hell.

Nom de plume on Jun 16, 10:12 AM said:

Did it break any terror plots inside the US "intel" establishment? No, of course not! The fox knows how to guard the hen house.


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By what percentage are we

Bullshit. Prove it.

By what percentage are we less safe if we stop all the spy programs on Americans?

Some asshat in an alphabet soup agency says:

"lets do this" and someone else there says "no"
Attempt thwarted. ;)

Just open the box and see