Awesome Video of Columbus Ron Paul Meetup in Action

I love seeing Ron Paul foot soldiers takin' it to the streets.

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The All Mighy MSM

Hiliary was said to have 53% of the Dems vote already. This is troubling. My local radio station did not believe it so they did a poll of their own. 61 people called in and gave who they would vote for if it was today. Hiliary was tied with Bill Richardson at 3rd place. This is a very liberal station I might add. AIR AMERICA. They are the equal and exact opposite of FOX. John Edwards came in first by a landslide with Dennis K in and comfortable 2nd. What does this mean??? Exactly what everyone is already saying. The MSM are lying to the public and trying to ram Hiliary and Rudy down are necks. They are trying to make it seem as if they are only the ones who stand a chance of winning. They want you to not vote your heart, more or less vote like you are placing a bet on a college game. Sure you may have graduated from EAST-Coastal-Central Arkansas. But if they went against USC, who are you going to PICK. This is the senerio they need for you to consider. YOu may like Paul or anyone else, but can they bet Hiliary. They need for you to believe that no one else can win. Who ever you vote for, it needs to be from your heart. Who represents you and the People the best. IF you listen to the MSM, DON"t complain when your life is a living HELL due to GIgantic Government, insane TAXES all while watching your children get drafted to a WAR with IRAN. It's starting to get a little Ridiculous that after 8 years of BUSH, the MSM are baiting people to vote for the only two Candidates that maybe even worst than him. And nobody knows Corruption like the CLINTONS. Don't give your rights to the MSM and allow them to vote for you. TRY THIS OUT. Call all of your Conservative stations in your area and give them the same challange. Have them take there own polls. Challange them to do it every other week and after every debate. This may show that Rudy may not be the best choice for any party. I'm not saying Ron will get the most votes, but it may level the field and the exposure a bit and hopefully wake voters up. If it comes to HIliary or Rudy it does not matter who wins, Like a Clinton Secretary, We're all screwed.

Mobile, AL tv coverage

WKRG did a story because of all the Ron Paul signs in Mobile

Some great images

Some of the images were heartening and touching, esp Ron Paul, spelled out over a highway.