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Dick Cheney: Submit or Die

Dick Cheney defends his legacy by reminding us that not allowing government employees to violate the constitution puts us at risk of being nuked:



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I read two pages of comments under the WP article

and there were only 2 that agreed with Cheney and they were probably CIA trolls. Maybe the people ARE waking up? I very rarely read things on MSM sites but when I have in the recent past I don't remember so many people posting comments I actually agree with. Maybe there is some hope for the sheeple after all.

If the

NSA has the right to spy (which it does not) each of us have a right to spy. Then we have the right to see what is on this criminals lines.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"


There are no 'special rights' for government employees.

Also, if the President can assassinate any American with no due process, then any American is justified in assassinating the President with no due process.

Weapons Free.

But Dickie boy, who will be left to pay the bills?

I'll take the bullet.

Patrick Henry said it best

"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"

Though, it's not me that deserves that death. Let's look into the NSA data goldmine for verification, shall we Dick? Your phone is in there too, I'm betting.

Just open the box and see


A "Submit or Die" ultimatum from Cheney. Kill me, then, please.

Defend Liberty!

Dick Cheney has killed more Americans than ANY terrorist

Dick Cheney has killed more Americans than any Middle-East Nation on the planet, or ANY "terrorist".

This man is the Treasonist.

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A war criminal with questionable ties to 911 calls a well intended whistle-blower a traitor?

I guess he knows there is no way to hack a pacemaker.

This guy has always made nauseated.

Please, no more Dick. We have all had enough of your shaftings.

ol Dickie boy will soon

slip into his specially prepared lair in the pits of HELL!
that toaster implant in his chest is on its last cycle

"liberty or death"

"liberty or death"