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NSA 'success' in foiling terror plots doesn't justify a police state

As expected, in response to yesterday's revelation that the NSA doesn't need court authorization to listen to domestic phone calls and that thousands of analysts have this ability, government apologists for the NSA have begun to claim that the program has "helped to foil numerous terror plots." They've even trotted out former Vice President Dick Cheney. (See his quotes below.)

Are Americans going to be hoodwinked by this kind of Orwellian logic? Never mind that the Boston Bombing wasn't foiled, despite warnings from Russian officials. Assurances of safety and security trump all in the world of President Obama and Senator McCain.

I'm tempted to ask, "Based on this logic, why don't we place cameras in everyone's home?" Think of the spousal abuse that would be prevented. Think of all of the child abusers we could nab. And what could be more worthwhile than protecting our children?

More: http://iroots.org/2013/06/16/why-nsa-success-in-foiling-terr...

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