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Republicans Need Ron Paul (for Congressional Baseball)


Enjoy! Obviously the MVP out on the field as well as in congress.

“I am convinced the annual baseball game played by the Republicans and the Democrats must be considered one of the most productive events in which the Members of Congress participate.” In 2012, he still felt the same way. “I’ve always argued that sports are a great way to get to know people,” said Paul. “There’s a little difference in relationships than with those you only confront on the House floor.”

Read more: http://swampland.time.com/2013/06/14/republicans-need-ron-pa...

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I Know Why

I know why they put him late in the line-up: they want to make sure that if only the first three batters get press time, he's not one of them. In other words, even if it means losing to the Democrats, the GOP team management doesn't want Ron Paul to have his say.

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