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Rush Limbaugh Supports Edward Snowden

Anyone listening to the Sunday show right now?

Who would have thought that Rush Limbaugh and Al Gore would ever agree on anything?!

Ed Snowden is an American hero.

What he did may have just saved America from what Rush Limbaugh called Obama's government, "coup."

Ed Snowden exposed Obama's attempt to target and destroy his political enemies.

Rush didn't demonize Snowden at all, he praised him.

"I couldn't believe he's only 29 years old."

"When I was 29, I couldn't speak like that."

He went on to say how smart and articulate Ed Snowden was in the interview he gave.

Then Rush asked a very serious question about who should be blamed.

"Who did it?"

Ed Snowden didn't do it, all he did was point out who did.

Going after Ed Snowden is like arresting the neighbor who called the police when they saw a burglar break into the home across the street.

Ed Snowden didn't break in to America's house. He said who did.

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Standing up for Snowden

How could we do a grassroots show of support of Snowden so they don't prosecute him or is that even a possibility that they will not prosecute him?


What about Bradley Manning?

I still don't like Rush. I'll respect him a little more though when he sings similar praises for Bradley Manning.

This goes a long way toward

This goes a long way toward convincing me that Snowden is a plant.

haha, good point

Perhaps this is just a CIA vs. NSA war. The NSA are masters of surveillance and the CIA are masters of the media, with many media puppets, like William Buckley used to be.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Well...there are good plants,

Well...there are good plants, and there are bad plants.

If Snowden is a plant, I think he's of the good variety. Yes, I do actually believe there exists elements within our government that have good intentions. If you want to take on the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Congress, and the president...that's where the NSA comes in (I hope.)

Let's be honest here - it's old news. Most of us here already knew what Ed Snowden revealed. In fact, he didn't reveal anything new at all TO US, but he did reveal something new to the majority of the American people who don't pay attention most of the time.

Some people think he's a bad plant because the NSA spying scandal is drawing attention away from Benghazi, the IRS, immigration reform, etc.

I don't think the NSA scandal is detracting from the previous issues at all. If anything, it is shedding light on those issues. Each scandal stood separately from the other, but now they're all bunched together, under the same lens.

With all of the information they have collected using taxpayers money, the American people should know every minute detail about what happened in Benghazi, what happened at the IRS, and what's going with our border. We should also know who every crook in Congress is too.

BTW, has the president made a single official statement about Ed Snowden yet?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

He is still busy (Obama )

Trying to take away our guns so the people cant do anything about it. Even if they wanted to

There's nothing more defining

There's nothing more defining than where people stand on Snowden being a traitor/hero. It really is sort of a statist/non-statist line. Rush, with all this talk has been at odds with his principles and party over the last many years. He warned Bush about not going into Iraq over U.N. treaties or weapons of mass destruction. He warned the party about picking moderate McCain.. He's not as in love with the GOP as some think.

To be completely honest I think Rush would have like Ron Paul a lot more if he weren't so ignorant about him. Remember when Rush suggested that Ron Paul's economic plan was somehow stolen from Rush?? lol - that's just pure ignorance. But a lot of what Ron says is stuff that Rush believes, but fails to stick too. I used to be a Rush fan, at least somewhat, and I suppose that's why it's been so frustrating seeing him support these horrid policies. The GOP supported tyranny that suited them, and Rush just went along with it although deep down I bet he knew that it was wrong.

Of course

And so does the rest of the mainstream media.... why else do you think it is showing on CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, Glenn Bleck? Because they only show you what they want to show you...and right now they want to show you Edward Snowden, despite the FACT that 3 other whistleblowers came before him and all said the same thing.

Try and find Karen Hudes on Rush, or CNN, or Fox, etc... you won't... not because it is not a bigger story, it is because they don't want you to see it.

I stopped listening to Rush a long time ago, when I realized who he was working for.

Who cares?

Rush Limpballs would flip 180-degrees and call the guy a Traitor if it were George W. Bush (and Cheney, etc.) in the Office instead.

He has no principles.

He's against Wars when it is Clinton or Obama doing it, and then flames anyone who opposes all the same or worse Republican Wars/Torture/Surveillance/Lies/etc. as ... "hippies who hate America".

Why would anyone care was this clown-puppet has to say....

I'd assume that

he would not be calling it a "coup" if this was a Republican administration. Probably just going after the other team with what is available. Typical.


was a very intelligent analogy...

What is going here...

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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Rush does have

a lot that's right to say. But usually it's about what "they" are doing. In this case, Obama is "they". If Bush were president, he'd be singing a different tune.

The year he doesn't back the Republican presidential nominee, I'll listen to him again.

Defend Liberty!