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TX Mother Protects Kids From Carjacker: 'I Told Him He Messed With The Wrong -

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 Dorothy Baker protected her two young children from a carjacker who hid in her unlocked van in Baytown, Texas.

TX Mother Protects Kids From Carjacker: 'I Told Him He Messed With The Wrong --Witch' -

"She's got a cut that goes across her chest, and she grabbed the knife and he bit her hand," Baker's husband, Charles Flugence said.

"I took my fist and I hit him in the face, and I told him to get out of my car," Baker said.

Baker intentionally drove her van into a telephone pole in hopes of sending Martinez through the front windshield,

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I'm sorry but

this video actually made me LOL! :)

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie


Life has a strange way of bringing us to crossroads and turns that we suddenly must deal with. These moments define us as individuals. She was tested and she passed. Good going girl very proud of your spirit.


Messing with a redhead...

Messing with a redhead is the wrong thing to do, I learned that a long time ago!


I like the ploy of faking compliance


Then blowing out the knee caps

Don't Mess with Texas

good job lady !

As for the dumb dirt bag: Doesn't he know its a Very Bad Idea to mess with a momma protecting her little ones ? With grizzly bears or people - that's not too smart.

Lock him up and throw away the key !

She ran him over too !

read on