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Greenwald Defends Publishing Leaks on CNN (Video, from this morning 6/16)

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Greenwald has been spectacular. But one thing bothers me.

That is when he talks about informing the American people about what the gov't is doing so they can decide democratically if that's what they want.

It shouldn't matter if even most were ok with or wanted the gov't intrusions. That's why we have a Constitutional republic... to protect our rights and to protect us from tyranny of the masses (aka democracy).

The problem is NOT that the secrecy has denied people the opportunity to form public sentiment about what's going on. The problem is that the gov't is violating our rights.

The Difference between a "Leaker" and a "Whistleblower"

A Leaker is someone, an unnamed source, who remains anonymous and contacts the media outlets to leak either good or bad news out.

A Whistleblower is someone who divulges secret information on another, as the NSA, and who exposes corruption and wrongdoing publicly. Information is not leaked.

The White House and their cronies are deliberately using the term "leaker", because it has a negative connotation, but it is entirely incorrect. Journalists are laughable, as they mimic their White House boss's "Talking points"!


Because the mainstream media

Because the mainstream media is wholly owned by multinational corporations, the international banking cartel, and the military industrial complex. Spying companies are making billions of dollars off taxpayers with government spying on law abiding taxpaying American citizens. It's that simple.

Notice the CNN still screen with Rand's image.

Look at how he's presented: Eyes almost closed, bad shadowing. Why is there an image of Rand, in particularly an image of Rand how he is in that still, for a story about Glenn and Edward. Notice I didn't put any question marks. Subtle brainwashing. Trying to make Rand look bad. Anyway. Thank you, Glenn.

PS. Also notice the cheap camera and green screen for Glenn.

Didn't notice that at first

Didn't notice that at first watching. But I suppose that's part of the lesson.

There are innumerable instances of subtle influence we could all point out; it boggles the mind to even consider how it influences the broader audience.

For me, the most blatant and offensive recent examples are the AC360 interviews of Glenn Greenwald. They were so frustrating to me personally that literally, in the midst of everything else that was going on, I couldn't even muster the energy to dissect them fully, or even sufficiently to post the least of my thoughts about them anywhere, including here on DP.

I'll concede willingly that that is as much to my shame as it is theirs; but it is first and foremost theirs.

it gets overwhelming.

Don't beat yourself up.


Glenn Exposing the


Could rightly be the headline

Could rightly be the headline for every single one of his interviews on national television.

Interesting. Greenwald

Interesting. Greenwald addresses many of the exact questions a number of people have been raising here...