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Conjecture about what's happening at the Top

This is conjecture on my part about what the people "behind the scenes" - so to speak - are currently saying. Since I don't know their names, I will label the players Person 1 and Person 2.

Person 1: The democrats are easy. All one has to do is convince them that whatever we do is for the public good, and they are satisfied. Plus, we have CNN and MSNBC to guide those fools.

Person 2: The Republicans are rather simple minded as well. First of all, we have convinced them to hate Muslims, and any other brown skinned race for that matter. Further, they worship the military more so than they do Jesus. In any case, Fox News leads them around seamlessly.

Person 1: I'm worried about these damn libertarians though. They don't listen to any-damn-body. We tried Beck, but he's proven to be useless.

Person 2: Yeah. Beck has been rather worthless. I hope Palin can bring them around.

Person 1: I sure hope so. I've instructed her to stay on point with respect to libertarian principles until we, once again, can domesticate those damn trouble makers. If it works out, it should be no problem to get them to agree to our policies again. Hopefully, we'll have them eating out of our hands before the mid-term elections.

Person 2: I absolutely agree. I would hate to see another "Rand Paul" elected to office during the upcoming elections. That s-o-b has been a pain in the ass.

Person 1: I think if we can just get our people into office these next two election cycles, the sheep will forget about upholding that retched Constitution.

Person 2: For a while there, I thought we were done with that yellowing piece of paper.

Person 1: Me too. I hate to see it brought back up. It should be plain to these assholes that the only rights they have are what WE decide to let them have. This is becoming ridiculous. I'm afraid if we don't get these "libtards" under control that they may get more people fired up than we can handle.

Person 2: Hopefully, the military won't get soft on us if it comes to that.

Person 1: I think we have most of those guys sufficiently brainwashed to do just about whatever we tell them to do. I could be wrong though. I do recall how they donated to Ron Paul more than any other politician during the last "selection" cycle.

Person 2: Speaking of that, I sure am glad we're done with that Romney dipshit. He never had a chance unless we would've rigged the electronic vote his way. What about Bush III?

Person 1: Ol' Jeb? He's an alright guy, but the American people despise those Bush bastards. If Prescott hadn't funded Big A, we would have never heard of those dimwits. However, it would've been nice to establish their subservient asses as the royal family.

Person 2: Yeah. I wish it was as easy to establish a ruling family as it was back in the day. This new technology has come in handy - especially television - but the internet has been more trouble than it is worth in my opinion.

Person 1: Sure enough. I wish we could find a way to corner the market on information over the internet the way we have with television. Then, we could neutralize ALL of the sheep fairly easily. Dissent would become as meaningless as it was in the good ol' days of Germany in the 1930's.

Person 2: Well, I've got that turd John McCain calling. I guess I better deal with him.

Person 1: I have to go too. I'm going to call all the major media outlets and tell them how to deal with this Snowden character. Where's a gulag when you need one? Pretending that "due process" still exists is a pain in my royal ass.

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The conversation captures the spirit

of their disregard for all things human, for sure.

Personally, I think, at least right now, it's more like

"Holy Crap, they got close with that Benghazi thing, and that World Bank thing"

"Deploy Chaff"

The question is, how much chaff do they have? And, if all this is chaff, where is the "real" target?

Just open the box and see

Why the downvote?

This is simply a conversation that I have imagined to happen among the PTB.