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Anyone else annoyed by this? Found it on drudge.


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Bono has principles

I give Bono credit for using his influence to bring attention to issues he feels strongly about. You can disagree with him on what he thinks is important and how he gets it done, but how many people in his position spend their time trying to make a difference in the world? The vast majority of them spend their time partying and showing up at awards shows, and then complaining about being followed by the paparazzi!

If you've ever listened to him talk about these things, and I have, he's no dummy. He knows the issues and he's under no illusion about his own importance, but he uses the influence he has for what he believes is right.

Anyone remember the Super Bowl halftime show he did right after 9/11? They listed the people who were killed that day during the performance, and at the end he opened up his jacket to reveal an American flag sewn to the inside. He was clearly making a statement to the world. And don't think for a second it was some publicity bs, the guy doesn't need any publicity. He's said many times that he loves America for what it stands for. And that was before 9/11.

We need to take our government to task by becoming involved, not blaming someone who has some principles and appears to me to be a good person. Although I agree it's ridiculous that an Irish rock star has better access to our government than we do, it's our own fault. Most people don't even vote, and when they do what do they base their decisions on? Americans have received exactly the representation they deserve, which is almost none.

Maybe he should ask ...

... his own government. I'm sure the people of Ireland would love to spend their hard earned money on it.


Savage said tonight that Bono has his business affairs set up (described in detail) so that he and his group pays NO taxes whatsoever...in Ireland or here.

Also, what part of that

Also, what part of that "news piece" describes exactly what he was petitioning for? How do we know what he was asking them for?

Remember, don't get upset over people, especialy people who seem to want to feed, cloth, and help cure the ravaged continent of Africa.

If you must get upset, get upset over the imbalance in the access to power. Get upset that OUR voices don't seem to be a part of the solution to poverty.

bono is a phoney i cant stand him

he is an over inflated bag of puss. he needs to get popped. he's just an ego trip to phlegmn.i hate him.

he's not even american

yet he wants to spend our tax dollars.

He used to be a patriot now he's a troskyite

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" Thomas Jefferson

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent" Thomas Jefferson

I think its..

One spook meeting with another...

Bono has always struck me as just a ...."bit to well connected" for being a stoner singer millionare running around the world dissing certain things about American policy... just rarely the right things

I think it's a private

I think it's a private citizen of the world petitioning world leaders to get a job done. You might not like the details of what the man wants to do, but your problem isn't with the man asking, it's with the imbalance in access.

Why does Bono get to have an audience with these people, but we the people can't seem to get our voices heard? Why does Penn Jillette get such a big voice? He's a juggler!

Access to power.

That's where your irritation lies.

I think this was a chance for two people who care about…

"I think this was a chance for two people who care about the problems facing the continent of Africa to talk about their shared interest in solving those problems," Morrell said of the meeting that was not publicized in advance.

Oh BS. I think this was a chance for Gates to tell his friends at cocktail parties he met Bono.

What the hell ever.

perfect example of what's wrong with this world

Bono has a crap load of money. Rather than use his money he uses his name to push for stealing from people with-out a lot of money to give to other people with even less money. I hate that BS, if he wants to be compassionate he can spend every last dime he has like I have given crap loads to Ron Paul. Its jackass like him who decide for me who I'm going to give my money too. He's going to steal my money out of my pocket so that I can't donate it to Ron Paul to give me my money back so I can give my money the way I want to give it. Forced charity is not charity, it's stealing.

What a joke

Your tax dollars hard at work!