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This Isn't About Snowden: It's About the Other Traitors Still In the Room

A respectful reply to Naomi Wolf's "My creeping concern that the NSA leaker is not who he purports to be


This Isn't About Snowden: It's About the Other Traitors Still In the Room

by Revolution News Network on Facebook

So let's review the narrative as it stands regarding Edward Snowden and see if we can find the missing elephant in the room.

Let's assume that the most vile of human beings --one that is not only a traitor, but also thief and a liar and a burglar, a kidnapper, an arsonist and a rapist --proves to you and the world that the following has happened to you and your family:

--A group of people are stalking you, collecting photos, listening to, monitoring, recording and saving your telephone conversations, surfing habits, and building a database and chart with everyone you know, interact with, whether your family, work, or acquaintances. In addition, your political and religious beliefs, where you shop, what you buy and even what you like to eat and what music you listen to and the books you read.

Now let's assume that you take the side of the people who call this hypothetical person a traitor, a thief and a liar and a burglar, and a kidnapper, and an arsonist and a rapist and that you agree with them, and further that this person should be tried and punished.

Good enough. That's one criminal down. Now what about the other one?

What other one?

Remember the other criminal that you now know is stalking you, collecting your photos, listening to calls and record your internet, social, shopping, political, and religious connections?

Yeah what about that criminal?

Because what's being overlooked quite purposefully in the media, on the Senate floor, and in the Oval Office is that there are two traitors in the room.

Always remember that one traitor has outed the other.

And that other traitor? He (or they are) is desperately trying to airbrush themselves out of the room before anyone notices.

On that note, it can be said that only the mind of someone like that of a violent rapist or of a sexual predator (a sociopath or psychopath) would characterize and compare the physical and mental violation the most intimate parts and recesses of a person mind and body as a balancing act between actual rape or molestation to a medical procedure that is intended to detect and diagnose disease in his or her victim, and where the resulting emotional and physical scarring inflicted is nothing compared to the favor they did you.

Or the favor they claim to be doing for millions of victims so raped and molested, if in the process, they do detect and discover some disease, and in so doing clothe themselves as worthy of pity, and all of us worthy of guilt and shame and perhaps punishment, for the thankless job we've forced them to perform over our bruised, bloodied and violated bodies and souls.

The ungrateful worms that we are.

We're supposed to lay back and enjoy it and thank them for it -- not ruin their special moment nor make them feel guilty.

And so it is with the rape of our most intimate and private thoughts and words. We consider it as such not because there is something to hide, but because they are priceless and must be protected from harm or misuse.

We would feel wrong to share them with anyone other than those we deeply trust and further, that we have found that they have not, nor would not take advantage, of our most vulnerable moments to gain something at our expense, which it ultimately is at our expense, in the instant that our words and thoughts are extracted against our will, without our knowledge and surely without our consent and used against us, to blackmail, coerce, ruin, or jail us, or to be used against those we love.

And as we survey the landscape dotted with the characters who have now revealed themselves to have raped the products of our hearts and minds, are we even able to retroactively absolve them of a crime because they haven't taken advantage of us in any other way?

Would they have been worthy of our consideration for our most intimate thoughts and to have and hold the things we hold dear?

Would the rapist had been our friend under other circumstances if he or she had only courted us instead and won our trust and respect?

Or is our outrage justified because in addition, they've rifled through and spent all of our money? Because they've opened trillions in credit accounts in our names and hung us with the balance? Because they've audited and harassed people for their political beliefs? Arranged laws so that anyone can be detained without charge or trial?

Hadn't they already proven themselves to be abusive spouses or crooked business partners or lying, thieving employees, before they became leering, scheming eavesdroppers and peeping toms?

Hadn't they already failed the bare minimum tests you would have imposed on anyone you would remotely think of having sex with, or making love to, or sharing to deepest secrets with?

Then what makes them think this will be forgotten or forgiven?

What makes them think that any and all attorney's reading this won't be compelled to sue for records to prove that attorney client privilege has been in fact violated?

What makes them think that any and all physicians won't be compelled to sue for records to prove that doctor patient confidentiality has been in fact violated?

What makes them think that companies will not sue for having their trade secrets and business plans (recorded) stolen from them?

What makes them think they can claim they know all of our secrets, even some "crimes", but not be aware of their own "crimes" in the process of admitting to knowledge of ours?

How can they claim to know all about everyone to the exclusion of themselves?

How? By thinking like rapists and predators and denouncing you as an ungrateful victim for the favor they did you. That's how.

By believing their crimes to be gifts while demanding you be an accomplice to them by demanding your silence .In the meantime, their claim of knowing all convicts them of all, or do they think they would be immune to same rod being put to their backs that they have fashioned for ours?

They are now accomplices to everything including the real possibility that all this spying provides an ancillary benefit a something of a gateway drug: To the harder drug of blackmail.

You see, one chief advantage of the Executive being able to spy on everyone, including Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Generals, CEO's, of any party affiliation, etc., is that it's easy to blackmail them into submission and obedience or get rid of them whenever you want.

As you think about just how much spying was and is reportedly going on, think back over the last 10 years or so and recall just how many high profile people in the Federal (and State) government suddenly lost their jobs, decided to step down, or not run for office again, and had their reputations destroyed over "leaked" personal information that was embarrassing, or made them vulnerable, or got them ostracized.

It may help explain the behavior of those who are mysteriously (or maybe not so mysteriously?) currently and to your astonishment, defending the very system that they know for sure already spies on them, and most likely know has them blackmailed as well. It's said that in organized crime circles, the point is made to extract your obedience through complicity - which is to simply make you an accomplice to the crimes they commit- so that if they go down, you go down with them.

As a gateway drug then, spying opens a door to blackmail which has the power to silence anyone, and moreover to compel those under it's influence to defend it.

So to us it doesn’t matter who Snowden works for, or whether he’s coached or not, or whether someday even more heinous things about him are said. Hang him for it.

Because what matters Naomi is who this traitor or puppet, or whatever he is, exposed--- a room full of other traitors, who by the way nearly all Americans have come to see as puppets anyway.

And we can’t help but notice how little attention is being paid to paint them with that brush at all, except perhaps with a vanishing airbrush so they match the background of outrage directed at just Snowden (instead of including them) and disappearing in plain sight.

May you speak up about this false dichotomy and narrative before the conflation, discrediting and obfuscation take firm root in the public mind to the point where they no longer see a room full of traitors outed by another.

It’s not about Snowden.

It’s about who and what Snowden exposed, and the power it has to silence anyone and extract their cooperation, regardless of their station or office.

It's about the other traitors still in the room.

--Revolution News Network on Facebook


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Agree with your sentiment.

Isn't It interesting how the discussion has been steered to be all about whether or not Snowden is a traitor, not, "now let's device a plan to stop, prosecute and punish all the evil-doers involved"?

This Is the best you can hope for when your media is controlled by foreigners.

elegant prose

worthy of remembrance and recitation.

People are waking up at a rapid rate.

Government is making it self less and less relevant.

Like in this video people are just solving their problems without government.


Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

very well done!

much more courteous than I'd have had the patience for, after her decade long waxing poetic about GWB warcrimes and police state at home, WHEN it is actually occurring, she's been much more silent. Though as someone who were 'brave'-enough to warn the rest of the world about GWB during his regime, you'd think as one of the few principled liberals who were consistent in criticism of oBUSHma, it'd be natural to continue her efforts to educate the public on the ACTUAL policestate ALREADY here, now hyper-accelerating.

but alas, she's making the 'rapist playing the victim'-argument?


Frankly, even IF Snowden was the biggest scum of the earth, is ANYONE doubting the veracity of his claims? Does it erase or excuse NSA's crimes, along with the DC scumfcuks in CONgress & WH who actually let it all happen?


The first article by Naomi about Snowden is doubting who he says he is?

Seriously, Wolf??

As 'the other American' writing for the Guardian UK, and as another supposedly Bill of Rights loving liberal whom like Glenn Greenwald, remained consistent in public critique of the State during both GWB & oBUSHma regimes, the LEAST Naomi Wolf could've done is to add to the few in the echo chambers coming to the aid of Snowden and Greenwald's defense!

Plus, he's too articulate?

Um, dear Naomi Wolf, have you met US? The libertarians? Let alone libertarian computer nerds?


Yes, we DO think and speak very logically. What a shock it must be for the emotive unicorn guild that is the Statist Collectivist commie progressives!

God forbid, a high school dropout (like MANY truly successful individuals before him) is self-driven, self-motivated, principled, and non-conformist, whom by design or providence, ends up changing the world.

God forbid.

PS. This goes the same for Jon Rappaport, whom I respect, and those who historically accurately doubt the real place of Daniel Ellsberg's in history; those who have researched know that Ellsberg (fmr. RAND corp/CIA lackey) was the vehicle by which the Ruling Class simply jettisoned Nixon, after he has served his purpose. But what did the Pentagon Papers SCOTUS case eventually go on to establish (whether the politicos actually follow it or not?) the press could not be held liable for publishing info that serves the public interest even if it violates the 'law.'

Could anyone who respects the Bill of Rights ever argue that, that was a bad thing? Could anyone argue that exposing the war-for-profit con of the Vietnam War, was a bad thing?


So why would exposing the NSA via Snowden whether by sincere individual intent or higher Ruling Class geopolitical factional infighting spilling out onto the public sphere, be a 'bad' thing?

Bigger picture folks. It's just one more marker in the geopolitical shift trajectory: it IS a clear sign that the Ruling Class is not homogenous and there is definite sign of internal factional infighting.

The focus should be on what THAT outcome of the infighting means; how we ride the surf, evade, expose, or crash along with it.

THAT is the real key, not Snowden.

Why is that so hard to see?

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

This isn't about Snowden.

This isn't about Snowden. It's about the trillions of dollars Snowden's revelations are going to cost TPTB.





Free includes debt-free!