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Biden: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz ‘control’ the GOP

Not that Biden's ever been correct about anything, but maybe there's a first time for everything...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Here's the story~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Vice President Joseph Biden is urging Democrats to donate money for the 2014 election because, he said, Republican Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas “control” the GOP.

At a fundraiser late Friday night in San Francisco, Mr. Biden said there is no one in the Republican Party in Congress with whom the administration can negotiate anymore.

“There’s no one with whom to deal with and there’s no one in charge anymore,” Mr. Biden said, at one point POUNDING THE PODIUM WITH HIS FIST.

Referring to Mr. Paul and Mr. Cruz, both first-term senators, the vice president said he’s never before seen lawmakers with their conservative views.

“They are the ones that control the Republican party right now, literally,” Mr. Biden said.

“I’ve never seen a time in all the years I was in the Senate that two freshmen have so much impact on the entirety of the Republican party.”

He did call them “bright young guys.”


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A little out of touch there

A little out of touch there Joe.

Southern Agrarian

No, they don't control the GOP..... Yet!

Biden's comment tells me that we're still winning and our side may take the lead soon!!!

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Biden is mad-

because Rand Paul and Ted Cruz led the efforts against the Obama Administration's proposed gun control laws. Biden was shown by the media to be very upset when the background check bill failed. He also said that he doesn't want to see any more Rand Paul or Ted Cruz types in the US Senate. This is obviously because he knows that people like that will block the liberal Democratic agenda. We need to elect more constitutional conservatives to the US Senate to really stick it to Biden and his ilk. They truly deserve it.

Biden is wrong.

The GOP Senate is controlled by seniority. Hatch, Cochran, Grassley, McConnell, McCain, etal. with Paul and Cruz at the bottom of the list. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seniority_in_the_United_States...

Biden is attempting to show the public that the GOP is radical and uncompromising through these two Senators who have very little seniority. It is true that Senators have more power than house reps and that's why you see more news coverage of Paul the Younger and Cruz than Paul the Elder or Amash. I'm glad we have these two somewhat libertarian leaning Republicans in the US Senate, even though they fall far short of the two true libertarian House Members, one retired.

Justin Amash in the US Senate would be a much greater victory for liberty than Rand Paul or Ted Cruz as he has the balls to speak as a true libertarian.

I can't disagree with you T-Bone

Good observations and probably true.

I just posted the story because it seemed interesting.

But it's most unlikely the GOP would ever allow Rand to be nominated.

Just like his dad Ron, Rand's biggest hurdle will be the republican party itself.

GOP/RNC will LOSE in 2016 to Hillary.

I'm hoping Jesse runs so I can bother voting at all.

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