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Weirdest Excuse For Prism

I keep reading/hearing about how it "only collects numbers, not names". How easy is it to lookup a person's name from their phone number? And even for people who are "unlisted", how difficult do you think it is for the government to figure out the name attached to an unlisted number?

The idea that TPTB are using the excuse that it's just numbers is kind of scary when you think of how flimsy of an argument it is. Whether or not they're collecting names directly from Verizon, they clearly have an easy way to look that info up.

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Skynet to Launch October, 2013


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A number of informed

and techno-savy sources have come out and disputed the claims that the data seized is confined to 'metadata' as it is portrayed.
That aside, the big picture is the formation of a database of information over a period of a decade, that provides the ability to pull-up information on any one individual, at any time, for any purpose. What far reaching implications does that have in uncontrolled hands..

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James Corbett explains Meta

James Corbett explains Meta Data and how it effects your privacy well here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o2djiZOxyA

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