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Ben Swann Ain't No Idiot.

People are up in arms about Ben Swann's Kickstarter campaign seeking 1.25 million dollars for his new freedom and liberty media project.

"It's too much to ask" say some. "He'll be humiliated, discredited, and dismembered when he fails" say others.

But Ben ain't dumb.

He knows what's going on, what's up and what's going down. He's off a string of wins and is aware of the sophomore jinx. He knows his public, he knows what money is, and he knows how not to lose.


Kickstarter is a new phenomenon just now introducing itself to the collective consciousness of America, having recently surpassed half a billion dollars in funding arranged through its online service. To say it is merely a project-funding website, an angel locator, or place for those seeking a handout, is a disservice.

It is many more things than these to the savvy researcher.

For Swann, an inveterate researcher, Kickstarter offers a most unique price-discovery method for the unique (I would argue) service he provides. If he achieves his lofty million-plus goal he gets the funds less Kickstarter's 5% fee and the Amazon payment-processing fees of 3-5%. If he 'fails' in his goal he will still be able to discover the amount of funding he could realistically expect to ask for either from his fanbase, through some future Kickstarter project, or by some other means of funding.

Similar, actually, to the method Kickstarter itself actually recommends for projects that expect to eventually achieve completion. The marketplace at work in a more perfect field.


There was a previous attempt which lasted 12 hours or so previously which netted many thousands before being canceled. (memory? please correct)


Kickstarter campaigns can run for up to 60 days. Ben opted for just 45. How's that now? Didn't he know?

Yes he knows. And one other thing:

Ben Swann Ain't No Idiot.

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Guess he got the money


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Bump! The project will succeed by failing.

Donate/invest if you think it will do any good. He set the bar way too high for a reason. You will find out the reason soon enough.


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The World Needs Truth! And This Project Needs YOU!

See this WORLD-WIDE!

Make it Viral!



[Actually Ben is SUPER SMART and KNOWLEDGEABLE! And INSPIRATIONAL and AMAZING! He should give lectures like Ron Paul did! And YOU should hear him! THAT should be his televised platform!]

but what if it's a test?

a 45-day test?

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Chris, you keep showing up on every thread.

Are you getting paid?

Wow, you and Granger are exposing a lot.

Thanks. The reason I'm here so much is cause I've got tons...

and tons of love.

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Of course you do Chis

Thank you for all you do.

I've donated to Ben in the past, as well as for his effort here.

But, I think this is a fallacy to expect someone riding in. This site, and you 'being here' shows me that the fake money system is in peril.

Ben Knows it, You know it, and most people on this board know it.

Get real, and get to know your neighbors.

As far as I'm concerned,
You are one of the people that have come with propaganda and doing NOTHING for Ben's message.

Sorry Bud, but if you want to stand for your freedom and that of your kids, you are going to have to wake up.


Thanks for the props. Whatever it takes to keep up the shell.

My company I will keep...

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LOL@ Ain't

We ain't got no pigs feet up in thar yah hear.

'Ain't' entered the dictionary recently as a word...

which it always was of course. Like God, it doesn't rely on the understanding of mere men for its existence. It ain't that simple.

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Love Ben but Hate the Look

I appreciate Richter's efforts but the teatment is terrible . Actually everything about it is bad except the reporting. It screams hype and self promotion, like some corporate motivational video. The truth is dramatic enough. You don't need that movie trailer audio and dramatic lighting / color grade. Clean and natural is a better approach.

The level of production from

The level of production from those such as WEARECHANGE is perfectly acceptable, its the reporting, the journalism we seek, not the msm aspect of it, screw those who cant pay attention if they think of it as "cheap".....their loss, not ours, besides, i'd rather take the money AND ADVERTISEMENT OUT of journalism, to the point that anyone with a will and natural born journalistic approach can do the people a service, and keep them informed

I wont knock those that attempt to raise their production, as long as the grassroots journalism is intact, there are no sensitive questions, no scripted speeches, from the heart, relevant questions followed up by relevant responses to answers given if one is required.........like "no, the nsa does not wittingly collect data on millions of people"

Not big on the guy with the cigar

What is that about? It is a turnoff to a dog like me.


The Diamond Dog is a real cool cat. | Reporting on the world from an altitude of 420.

why don't these people complain about Government stealing..

or money instead of someone who gives you a choice like Ben Swann? some people are weird.

Ben Swann #LibertyIsRising (( PayPal )) is up

at the top of the BenSwann.com page.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Pray for Ben

I'd be a little paranoid about driving my car if I were a truthful reporter these days.

You could end up wrapped around a tree with your motor a hundred feet away.

And all evidence burned beyond recognition.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Budget please

Most others are just asking for a budget before they dontate... we're not saying he's not worth it...there is a big difference.

As for the cancelled project, it was $4,805.. here's the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/439668500/liberty-is-ris...

BTW, "ain't" is equivalent to "is not"... so you are saying Swann is not no idiot, which is a double-negative and the same as calling him an idiot... I'm sure you didn't mean to do that!

I think he is losing a big percentage of people who may donate if they could just see a budget... or maybe the budget would get less people to donate... hard to say without seeing details.

But you are right, he did raise over $142,000 on this attempt so far, so if they cancelled this project, and kept the same rates of $2,500 per minute, they could make around eleven 5 minute episodes...

Comparing the test campaign to the current campaign

The test (jumping the gun) campaign lasted approximately 12 hours and raised $4,805. There wasn't really any organized effort to promote this campaign. Assuming he could manage $9,610 per day, a 45-day campaign could expect to bring in $432,450.

The current campaign has lasted 9 days and raised $154,355. This works out to be $17,150 per day. Assuming a consistent influx in donations, a 45-day campaign could raise $771,775.

I think the next campaign will be the real campaign, 45 days, seeking $625,000. This would equal a daily average of $13,889. Guess what halfway between $9,610 and $17,150 is? $13,880. So,the exact middle of a well-publicized campaign and a spur of the moment campaign is where he needs to target. Assuming the same production costs, that would equal 50 episodes.

I have a feeling that within the next week, Ben will announce that they are canceling the Kickstarter campaign to reorganize for new campaign to launch in early-to-mid July and run through mid-to-late August. The goal of $625,000 will be met and likely exceeded by $10,000-$20,000.

So do you think the 3rd try will show where the money is spent?

Your estimate of 154,000 divided by 9 days does not look accurate as if you look at the curve, http://www.canhekick.it/project/51b549068f64d1fd551258cf, the target looks like it will be lucky to hit $250,000 in 45 days. I think the initial fan base donations skewed any averages you could make, as the majority of donations came in the first days, and then flattened out.

So maybe don't shoot too high above the fan base donations.. assuming a high of $300,000 for 45 days, so maybe 25 episodes at $12,500 an episode would be a safer bet.

Thanks - I updated the dollar amount for the test run...

and thanks also for that link as well...

Also, the double-negative is a reference to the 'heads I win, tails you lose' situation Ben finds himself in IMO...

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I wish he had a paypal link too

I don't know anything about kickstarter but would like a paypal ink too? I want too give now, but I don't want to start an account at a place I don't know much about.

You have to register an

You have to register an account with Kickstarter but the payment is processed through Amazon's payment system.

Paypal is coming shortly

Should be up in a few days. We're listening.....

But isn't Ben Swann breaking the law?

Or several laws?

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How? He's asking for money

How? He's asking for money and people are freely giving it. If he doesn't reach his goal, nobody loses any money. If he does reach it, people's money goes to help fund his project just like they intended it to, and they get some stuff as a side consequence. Nothing wrong with that. If you have a problem with it, don't donate to him. No biggie.

Also, nice NSA trolling sig. ;)

Thanks. Also note how I pentagon nally trolled...

my own thread...


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Oh. I didn't notice the same

Oh. I didn't notice the same username. Now I see what's going on. Well played. XD

If Ben wins we all win.

If he loses we can still win.

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