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Is a magnetic pole reversal eminent?

{Interesting; Doctor Georgia Stankov predicted weeks ago that this would be the catastrophic event that would usher in the new Golden Age and the End of Time and that it would occur sometime between mid June and the end of September.]

More unexpected solar behaviour, solar magnetic dipole has not crossed zero

Deadal Earth
Sun, 16 Jun 2013 19:47 CDT

This is fairly important news given the sun is strongly a magnetic entity, moreover this might be in line with some predictions about a kind of magnetic collapse.

Livingston and Penn work which suggests the visibility of sunspots will drop.

read more http://www.sott.net/article/262847-More-unexpected-solar-beh...

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I'm not sure about eminent

But it might be imminent. Then again, maybe not.

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It has to happen sometime.

It has to happen sometime. The poles have changed dramatically in the past. Further, the magnetic zones do vary quite a bit, even year by year. That's why we don't use magnetic north (for anything more than vague directions). We use true north. In most places, you must adjust for magnetic north's drift while using a compass.

Yes I would think he is very

Yes I would think he is very eminent. But he has a funny name.

Oh, yes!

You mean Eminem, from Detroit. (Go Tigers!)

What would the Founders do?