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Exclusive: Feds to dig in Oakland Township today for remains of Jimmy Hoffa

I just read the Feds will be armed with a "search warrant". I laughed to myself and thought....why bother?

Federal agents will begin digging up a field in Northern Oakland Township today in hopes of finding the remains of Jimmy Hoffa.

The former Teamster president's disappearance on July 30, 1975 is one of America's greatest unsolved mysteries.

This morning, federal agents armed with a search warrant will begin digging on a property after extensive interviews with an aging mobster.
Mafia underboss Tony Zerilli told WDIV in an exclusive interview earlier this year that Jimmy Hoffa was buried in a shallow grave in this field.

Zerilli was second in command with the Detroit mafia. He says he was told by a mafia enforcer that Hoffa was abducted at a restaurant in Bloomfield Township and brought to the area on Buell Road in Oakland Township and buried.

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