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Preliminary Announcement in AFP - SECOND IN LOUISIANA!

AFP announces Dr Ron Paul SECOND in LA - leaves Romney, Guiliani, Huckabee in the dust!


He's catching on!

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Ok I'm a little confused

If Ron Paul had the most people there over all other individual candidates. But they all joined forces on a uncommited slate Then how does John mccain come in ahead of Ron Paul. Is it because most of the uncommited are for mccain. If this is true they don't sound very uncommited to me. If they are on a uncommited ticket then there votes should not count towards anyone that means they are for noone. That should mean it is a protest vote because they don't like any of the candidates. Sorry I'm not that smart about this stuff it just doesn't make sense to me. Also if all their people ran on the uncommited to make there forces larger to beat Ron Paul then who are these people who voted for the individual candidates this makes it look like they had alot of people there. One group to run under the candidate of their choice and some extras to join forces and win the thing. Also wouldn't this be like getting to vote twice. I don't think there is any law that allows certain groups to get more than one vote. If the uncommited won by joining forces there should be no 3rd 4th or 5th place it would be uncomitted 1st place Ron Paul 2nd place thats it. This doesn't make sense to me but then I'm not that smart about cheating and being a lowlife. It's just one of those things my family instilled in me. I never have seen it as a weakness but I might have to reconsider this teaching in the future.

I just realized

If RP came in only at second place across the US. And the 1st place winners alternated between the three (Romney, Huckabee, McCain) with no clear winner. I think we could win because of consistancy.
What do you think?

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Second is great - let's get the message out.

This will raise eyebrows with third parties and the media - its part of the Ron Paul steamroller! we are building momemtum fast! let's get it around town and make sure all the MSM know about it.

--Embrace your inner Paultard--

--Embrace your inner Paultard--

Where did the people who

Where did the people who make these "announcement" threads come from?

I am actually starting to despise this site.

Thank you

for your kind words. I have amended the title - the fact that the AFP and others are beginning to pick up these results is newsworthy.

I am from New York

--Embrace your inner Paultard--

--Embrace your inner Paultard--

Someone has already posted the full results ...

After seeing my comments, click on


Then ...

Click on his link once at that post, and you will find a complete list of all delegates

Ron Paul delegates are highlighted in yellow, each district lists in descending order the delegates and the amount of votes they got, so you can see the top 15 in each district.

Note that the number of provisional ballots still to be counted is in red at the bottom of each district.

Adding the red numbers (assuming they were all Ron Paul ballots) to the numbers of the highlighted yellow people's numbers, you will arrive at what their final vote count might be (this assumes that each person with a ballot could vote for up to 15 delegates). Then you can see that if all the ballots are counted, a number of the Ron Paul delegates MIGHT gain enough votes to end up in the top 15. Quite a few, in fact -- like maybe enough to win 1/3 of all the total delegates, I'm guessing. So don't lose heart!

they omit paul from the % results

They first do mention Paul getting second and never mention him again and they omit Paul from the recap % results!

"A new Florida poll by the St. Petersburg Times on Wednesday showed McCain leading the state with 25 percent, followed by Romney with 23 percent. Giuliani trailed at 15 percent."
Being McCain only got 25% then half of the delegates are supposed to be uncommitted! He didn't get the bonus delegates! So when Feb 9th straw poll comes up they can follow the majority or what ever suits them at the time!
Even his delegates can vote for anybody also!

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Official LA GOP website announcement

Here are some links that shed more light on what happened. The provisional ballots have to be checked to see if these people were registered as Republicans last November. The articles explain. David




Have the 500 people that were not confirmed...

as registered Republicans by Nov 30, 07 been confirmed as invalid then? I just read that several precincts are very close and could very easly switch to Paul once these people's registration dates are confirmed.

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Let's hope the provisional ballots give him a win

It sounds like there is still a chance that the results could change when all of the provisional ballots are counted. It must have been really close if 500 votes can still change the results.

But second place is still pretty exciting given that Ron Paul is pretty much being blacked out in all media election coverage. It might really help us in the end though. It makes the media bias so crystal clear. It's just a matter of time before it hits people how slanted the media is.

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Article clearly states

results are preliminary results, not official results.

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I'm getting concerned...

...with McCain getting his 1st places. Why do so many ppl want to be in Iraq for more than 100 yrs? How about the Illegals? He's been an Arizona Senator for how many years now? and he has done nothing to prevent it but continues to push for Amnesty. As for the Economy which I would think is now the number 1 concern among voters, he knows squat about. All he knows how to do is go to war. Again, I'm very concerned with him placing first in some states and I really hope that all changes on Super Tuesday.

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I saw a video online the

I saw a video online the other day and McCain was telling some people that we'd be out of Iraq in a matter of months. He talks out both sides of his mouth. He will continue the fascist corporate war on behalf of his benefactors. David

I think it's because...

a lot of Americans feel so powerless that they gain some sense of self-worth by seeing "us beat them" over in Iraq. They are proud that we are so powerful and able to kick butt in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. All those people chanting "USA! USA! USA!" when the Iron Shiek used to march out to the wrestling ring are all for a global "American Empire." THis also explains the popularity of shows that showcase our mighty military power, like "Future Weapons" and "The Military Channel."

Face it, there is a pretty big percentage of the population that simply LOVES to see bombs dropping on foreigners. They'd have no problem with Bush bombing FRANCE tomorrow if he could find an excuse to.

These are the people that need to see Freedom to Fascism and The War On Democracy, among others.

"It is useless for sheep to pass a resolution in favor of vegetarianism while wolves remain of a different opinion." William Randolph Inge


WASHINGTON (AFP) — Senator John McCain has won the Republican party's caucuses in Louisiana while longshot candidate Ron Paul took second place, the state party said Wednesday, citing preliminary results.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, a leading candidate for the Republican nomination, came in third, Louisiana Republican party Chairman Roger Villere said in a statement.

Good way to sway public opinion.. nice job, AFP!!

Hold on.

It says *preliminary* results.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

In total votes, but DELEGATES COUNT...

...and in that sense, we got 4 out of 105. And, please, do not for a second think that the rest are officially "uncommited" as some reports would have you believe.

We got jobbed.

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Ok, wasn't McCain's delegates in a slate with all the other neocons named "Pro-Life/Pro-Family"? We gotta get these facts straight.


someone noted that people could actually be named for a candidate's slate and the the pro-life/pro-family slate -- so if Ron Paul people were smart, they should have gotten their names on that "coalition" (if that were possible at all, I mean). Right now, looking at the situation, it looks like we are really relying on the provisional ballots to come up to scratch.