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NSA Leak Haters On Capitol Hill Fear Exposure of Sexual Crimes!

I didn't believe what I found during the 2012 campaign for POTUS regarding Santorum being remotely involved in a pedophile service using "Jerry's Kids" and congressional pages for the politically connected who had an appetite for children.

But now it is rumored (so far) that the NSA leaks include a very heavy dose of insurance -- the records of those involved in pedophilia/ prostitution.

No wonder some politicians want Snowden terminated.


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homosexuality and/or usage of prostitutes (either sex) are the deciding factors in many of our Congress critters betraying us (to hide this alleged fact)...then I feel sorry for them to a certain extent. What 2 consenting ADULTS do is protected under the Constitution and none of my business. I wish all Americans felt this way! (Please note that I said ADULTS--child molesters are slime in my books and deserve to rot in prison, as far as I'm concerned.)

That being said, there are other (slimy, imo) things about Santorum that people should know:

He ripped off Pennsylvanians by charging for his children's education when he did NOT reside in Pennsylvania. When exposed, he REFUSED to refund that money.


He helped rip off a veterans’ home of $80 million.


And as reported right here at the DP, Santorum Nominated Penn State Jerry Sandusky for a “Congressional Angels in Adoption Award,” AFTER Sandusky Was Accused (of child molesting)!


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The Franklin Scandal

didn't involve homosexual prostitution, it involved pedophilia. These young kids from Father Flanagan's Boys Town (and others) were used by Lawrence King for sex and drug parties in a house on Embassy Row in Washington, DC.

Barney Frank's significant other, Steven Gobi, was running young boys out of the basement apartment of his home in Washington. Barney claimed he didn't know anything about it. But Frank knew about Gobi's past:

"Gobie, then 28, was one of many young men "freelancing" in male prostitution. Gobie said he was born in Boston and grew up in a military family. He has felony convictions for possession of cocaine, oral sodomy and production of obscene items involving a juvenile."


Kiddie Porn, Kiddie Porn, Kiddie Porn

I'll bet money on it.

Conspiracy of Slience...its worth a watch


shocking wasn't it

some sick people out there,,,, and even worse those who go along or cover it up

PA Man Claims to have had 10 yr affair with Frothy


Johnson said that he met Santorum at the “Bear of the Ball” wine mixer in the spring of 2000 in Philadelphia. It wasn’t until Santorum decided he wanted to try a bid at the White House that he finally broke off all ties from Johnson.

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Jeff Gannon is pretty well documented

As far as the latest, I'd rather just give a heads-up for now so people can keep the idea in mind as they watch the most voiciferous political operatives try and sentence Snowden in the media.

If Snowman wants to out them I'll leave it to him. I don't want to muddle the info.

I just want people to be aware of an additional, possible motive to silence him.