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Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: Glenn Greenwald Goes “Full Retard”

"Yes Mr. Greenwald, when you make an inaccurate statement in your article, your journalism is discredited. If you come out backing some sudden NSA whistle-blower as the next Daniel Elsburg and then it turns out he’s a high school drop-out flake with no real intel to speak of, your really going to be discredited. And unfortunately I fear you don’t really understand that is why you and the filmmaker, the Academy Award-nominated Laura Poitras, were specifically requested by the career NSA employee and manufactured hero… in case you hadn’t figured that out yet."


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So he didn't graduate from Government High School

Big deal. Maybe he didn't get one of those pay for life College loans. Then a low paying job to go with those super sized fry's. If he was hired into the CIA. You have to pass some extreme tests. What I have seen over the years education might make you seem smart. But causes severe issues of not having a lick of common sense or intelligence. This country now reaps the college rewards. Smart but not so sharp.

Money talks and dogs bark

I am retarded...

And I don't appreciate your adjective....

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Rosa Koire for for President!

This is a JIDF tactic. Thread "sliding".

They are trying to obscure important posts with their junk. Mods need to stay on top of these disinfo posts. The Daily Paul is likely being targeted to have their news threads spammed up.

Block the poster and make sure threads similar to his (meant to take people's focus off important news and spam the front pages) are deleted by mods.

I'm not saying this post is from JIDF specifically, but there are many similar organizations meant to control internet conversation. (They plague 4chan all the time)


I think you have gone full retard

According to Snowdon's father

his son had mono in his sophomore year of high school. He missed 4-5 months of school. He took classes at the local community college and completed his GED

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psyop indeed

Only perhaps willyloman is the guy perpetrating it. He says stuff about Snowden, like he, "has no real intel" but doesn't give us any "intel" on how he knows that. Sounds like just another illuminati lover that doesn't feel the need to share his "intel" but feels fine writing 20 page dissertations about why he's right. Weak article.