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Multiplying scandals to hide the scandal that could sink Obama

"In the Snowden/NSA case, we presume it was Snowden himself who did the leaking, because, as an independent voice, he wanted to. He chose the moment to tell The Guardian and the Washington Post to move ahead and blow the whistle.

But, as I’ve argued in prior articles, it’s far more likely Snowden is an agent of forces who want to blast a hole in the NSA for their own un-altruistic reasons. Therefore, the timing of the NSA scandal, as a media story, would have been a choice Snowden’s handlers made.

In the Watergate myth, two rookie reporters for the Washington Post, following up on the Watergate break-in, caught a break. Woodward did. He “knew a guy.” The guy was standing in the shadows of a parking garage. He said, “This story is bigger than the break-in.” And Woodward and Bernstein were off and running.

Someone wanted that story to become a scandal, to take down Nixon. Deep Throat in the garage was fulfilling a higher purpose. I’ve written about this several times. Basically, David Rockefeller, who owned Nixon, was horrified that the president was laying tariffs on goods imported into the US.

It went directly against David’s prime Globalist strategy: “free trade.”

Rockefeller was the real leaker. He was the man who gave the green light to take down the crook, Nixon."


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