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Even Daily Paul Is Not "safe"!

Since the revelation has come out about the NSA massive snooping, I am certain they have access to our identities blogging here.

Passwords are easy to get through spying.

Do you know Michael Nystrom, if we are safe here, or not? I am thinking NOT, as I believe they have sophisticated ways of accessing our passwords....AS WE TYPE THEM IN.

Anybody want to chime in on this??

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ASSume everything you do is monitored


"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

The Daily Paul has no https.

Your passwords and identity are probably already well known to government hackers. Thankfully we have Edward helping us all.

Yeah, really hope that

Yeah, really hope that changes one day

It it wasn't abundantly clear before,

No. No unencrypted data is secure. And almost all data leaves an encrypted state at some point. They "know" or are capable of knowing instantly all of our real names, our families, our friends, our daily habits. Algos can be set to monitor you down to the point of knowing what kind of mood you are in at any moment. And with your "smart" phone they know pretty much everyplace you have gone and are going right this very second. And they are doing this for almost every single other person you can see while walking down the street. They know the sounds that you hear as you walk down that street, they know how many people are on that block, they know which of those are criminals, they know which of them are on their way to a birthday party.

Or they have the capability of knowing in realtime. Same thing really. Data is all there, all they have to do is take an interest in YOU.

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I doubt they care much about

I doubt they care much about a bunch of Internet libertarians, other than to identify us as in opposition to the police state they're unwittingly creating. Non violence has been the creed of libertarians since the philosophy was named, so those searching for terrorists under every rock aren't going to be too concerned about us, until, that is, we gain enough traction to threaten shutting them down. Even then, they'll go after the leaders not the fan base.

Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you. Fortune Cookie

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I beg to differ

We are the terrorists they are searching for
Nothing they have done so far was to catch
the public's perception of a terrorist.gov created,media endorsed)
It was all created to catch and trap THEIR
enemies,The ones who do not willingly follow
blindly are their enemy.These are not the ones who know nothing about
what they are up to(they are already captive,unknowingly),so they do not pose a threat to them,but the ones exposing them,are the terrorists
the patriot act was written to catch patriots
They are not unwittingly creating a thing
They are doing it on purpose
or i could be wrong

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon

Sorry you didn't know this...

BEFORE you signed up. I did... I assumed everyone knew.

User-names are not invisibility blankets- FYI

The D.P. is training ground for NSA/Army spambots

What the heck d'you mean "Even the D.P. is unsafe"? OF COURSE its unsafe! This is freakin Ground Zero for the unholy war the Apparatus is waging against the individual sovereignty of the American citizen. The D.P. is a meeting and organizing place for "dissidents and subversives" in their book. That means, we are the enemy. We are terrorists. We are an existential threat to the power of the theaterwide state security apparatus.

As this place is a public Forum for activists who distrust the state police apparatus, it is NOT safe from NSA spying, snooping, data gathering, profiling, or any other type of state intervention. If you've posted here, they got your number. But don't feel intimidated. Feel proud that the Apparatus thinks you're a threat to its existence.

Furthermore, the D.P. is an active training ground for NSA/Army spambots. I get the impression spambots are tested here. Occasionally, first-timer posts are erratic or "Canned", suggesting a programatic response from a machine. I've seen this on plenty of comment sections. It may be some neo-con with a small brain. Or it may be the latest version of an automated system getting a real-world tryout in a hostile environment (here on the D.P.).

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


skeered ! bump em if they cai'nt take a joke !

Michael Nystrom---please give us your opinion!