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Rand Paul Joins Sarah Palin To Stop Obama's Assault Against Israel

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i know it hurts but if we

i know it hurts but if we want rand to play the game we have to hold our noses even for this kinda thing.. especially for this. the establishment republican litmus test (and democrat) is unlimited support for israel and support for open borders and economic globalization. pretty much any other dissent is acceptable to a degree, but those are the big 3. any deviation from them will be a career ender, so we have to deal with it.

What exactly has Obama ever

What exactly has Obama ever done to "hurt" Israel? I am so sick of this Christian Zionist crap. Obama has bent over backwards to appease the Israel lobby. Remember George Bush Sr.? He actually had the balls to threaten Israel with loss of funding if they continued their nonsense in the West Bank. Of course, after Clinton was elected, the Israels went back to the same ol same ol, and here we are in 2013, and we are no closer to an end to the illegal occupation of either Gaza or the West Bank. Israel is in fact, even more of an apartheid state, because morons keep acting like Israel is the be all and end all of life. Israel is NOT our friend. I will never forget the Lavon affair, the attack on the USS Liberty, and their involvement in 9/11.

And, no, the Syrian intervention is not to hurt Israel. It is done BECAUSE of the Israel lobby! Look at which politicians have been most passionate about arming the foreign mercenary dominated Syrian rebels! Israel's biggest lackies in the Congress!

Right On!

Tell it like it is!



Rand Paul To Stop Obama's Assault Against Israel