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Bush-Cheney began illegal NSA spying before 9/11, says telcom CEO


Cheney calls Snowden "traitor."

Contradicting a statement by ex-vice president Dick Cheney on Sunday that warrantless domestic surveillance might have prevented 9/11, 2007 court records indicate that the Bush-Cheney administration began such surveillance at least 7 months prior to 9/11.

The Bush administration bypassed the law requiring such actions to be authorized by FISA court warrants, the body set up in the Seventies to oversee Executive Branch spying powers after abuses by Richard Nixon. Former QWest CEO John Nacchios said that at a meeting with the NSA on February 27, 2001, he and other QWest officials declined to participate. AT&T, Verizon and Bellsouth all agreed to shunt customer communications records to an NSA database.

In 2007 the Denver Post reported:

"Nacchio suggested that the NSA sought phone, Internet and other customer records from Qwest in early 2001. When he refused to hand over the information, the agency retaliated by not granting lucrative contracts to the Denver-based company, he claimed."

Other sources corroborate the former CEO's allegations, which were made in the course of his legal defense against insider trading charges. Both Slate.com and National Journal have published reports in which sources are quoted which support the former CEO's claims....Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/352455

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For relevance to current issues.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

This undermines the entire argument for lawless spying..

..it doesn't have a damn thing to with national security, AND NEVER DID.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Oh I agree...

I didn't mean to word my comment in a way that made it seem as though I was asking what the relevance was. I meant I was bumping because it was relevant. Sorry!

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

No, it didn't seem like that at all

just an aside. I wonder if the media, even the alternative media, will ever catch onto the fly in the ointment. I find it interesting that the send Vader out to hit the 9/11 button on the programmed sheeple, to tamp down all this privacy and freedom talk. Something like this, going mainstream, can fix his wagon. What's amazing is many people aren't old enough to remember. But I remember very well. The bastards were doing it even BEFORE 9/11.

Release the Sandy Hook video.