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Breaching their strongholds!

I was so caught up about Ron Paul I spent a lot of time watching the latest youtube videos, reading these messages, etc, but suddenly realized I was tucked away in my little corner.

Now I'm changing tactics. I'm going in. That's right, deep into enemy territory. Hit 'em where they live.

Example, I signed up on mccain's website. They say they might delete unwelcome comments. I picked the discussion with the most comments and added mine, below. It is still there so far, last one on that page.

Hope you will do likewise! Search for the other guy's youtube videos and add comments, google the news and find busy blogs and hit those, whereever they hang out join their groups and let them read some of your words educating them about Ron Paul. These are politically active people, educate them.

At http://www.johnmccain.com/Blog/Read.aspx?guid=f1a9f82c-bf5b-... here's what I wrote...

Posted at 10:52AM on 1/22/08 by gseattle

Any vote for romney, mccain, giuliani, thompson or huckabee and you climb in bed with Australian Rupert Murdoch here messing with our elections, he knows he can't buy Ron Paul, that's why he is censoring Ron Paul's name from even being mentioned in his massive media holdings. Youtube Ron Paul and Fox, vote Ron Paul, not who Murdoch is massaging for later favors. Wiki Murdoch for his modus operandi. Reply To This | Flag As Offensive

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Their phantom supporters

Take the top-rated mccain video for example: http://youtube.com/watch?v=WLQGWpRVA7o and all over that are negative comments about him.

So where are all the supposed mccain supporters??? They certainly are not on the net in droves. I wonder if they really even exist at all.


Campaign called me. I just ignored it since it was a recording. My husband and I are talking to a McCain supporter and are doing our best to keep too much emotion out and we have been learning what she cares about.
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mccain's ppl

Wow, so much negative stuff about mccain in his own forums, I don't believe the election numbers, doesn't add up.

maybe we could teach them something

about economics : )