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anti-whine about caucus/primary shenanigans. CANVAS!

i don't post much (instead i canvas daily!) but i felt compelled to post here now. it appears many posters have forgotten or don't know that the primaries/caucuses are a PARTY function, and at the core they are a free and voluntary ASSOCIATION that is NOT compelled to follow any law (see 1st amendment), and that is exactly how it should be. lawyers might argue about minor details but the core must be respected: the Repub party can decide to change the rules at any time, or ignore their own rules.

Instead of worrying about the "corruption" in the party, we should be rejoicing that there are enough patriots awake enough to notice and act, and the status quo's fear of us is exactly what motivates them to react with such conviction that they are willing to lie/cheat/steal/etc. We have still a long road to the nomination, and the thought that we are ALREADY making them nervous gives me great optimism!

Dr. Paul is no rookie-- he has won tough contests before. i would like to suggest we follow his lead, and focus on the tasks ahead. Just like with NH, we can leave LA and focus on the next task. Let the local volunteers ask the hard questions. I am sure they will do what they can, while we focus on our own neighborhoods.

On a side note: I would like to repeat a thought I have seen before on dailypaul: do not carry signs or admit you are committed early in the caucus process. This gives the enemy time to prepare for our attack(vote) and they will do anything they can, including canceling the event. You must coordinate with local leaders and LEARN AHEAD OF TIME how to make your effort and vote count.

There are many ways to expend energy towards helping Dr. Paul succeed. Let’s not waste precious time and energy on redundant or needless tasks. Focus on the near future: get a yardsign/window sign/bumper sticker/hat on yourself and everyone else you can ASAP. Canvas your local area with slim jims or print your own. Even if your state's pri/caucus fails to win for Dr. Paul remember there are many other states to go, and even then it will likely not be decided until the convention.

Some say we have already “won” because there are dozens of new congressional candidates running as “Ron Paul Republicans”. Let’s keep moving in the positive direction. If the re3VOLution gets large enough, Dr. Paul will win, with this party or one that has been remade!

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About letting others know

About letting others know who you are committed to early in the caucus process....Absolutely true. If you want to be a delegate, make sure you do not have a Ron Paul button on or are carrying a Ron Paul sign. That is unless your entire precinct supports Ron Paul. Then you can all nominate each other.