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Money Junkies and Monopolies Using the NSA Spying Proves They Are the Real National Security Threat

There is no way to say this. The only way we can restore our republican form of government is once we get our republic back. We have to start breaking up the monopolies that have a choke hold on our nation. These mega corporations now run our government for their gain. Not for our benefit. With the government as their rear guard. They are considered too big to fail or too big to jail.

When all these Monopoly men like JP Morgan and John D Rockefeller had their trials that resulted in breaking up of their monopolies. These men should have went to jail for the fraud and racketeering they have done too. Amshel Rothschild should have been arrested for lying to the London Stock Exchange saying Napoleon won to crash the stock market so he can by assets pennies on the dollar. After it has been announced the British had defeated Napoleon and have been conned by Lord Rothschild. He should have been arrested.

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