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Incredible Maneuverability of the Russian Sukhoi Su-35-Video

Demonstrated June 17, 2013, Paris Air Show


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...and people scofffed when I cautioned about...

Russian military might during the recent crisis over North Korea crisis.

A fighter that can DELIBERATELY do a "flat spin," given enough numbers, could establish air supremacy over a combat theater and
both Syria and Iran are a hell of lot closer to Russia than any
air base we can haggle out of our Middle East allies.

Just hope Israel tries to engage these babies. It will be like the Yom Kippur war all over again.

see those giant exhaust ports on the SU35

definately not stealthy

F22 Raptor check out the moves from the 4:55 mark and on.


bet it costs half as much, has more availability, & doesn't kill

its pilots due to shiatty oxygen systems though.

f22s don't move all that well while they are getting their new coating put on back at the hangar.



That's nice... "The Raptor’s stealth would allow it to sneak up high and fast and kill the enemy from long range using an AMRAAM missile."

The BEST F-22 Raptor demo! *FULL SCREEN HD*

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Designed for WVR (within visual range)

There is no match for it's ability to orient for weapons discharge. Some sources also claim it can detect stealth aircraft at a distance of over 90 kilometers.

Undo what Wilson did

Like I said...

That's nice...

The F-22 "The Northrop-Grumman/Raytheon active electronically-scanned array (AESA) radar also turns out to have a longer effective range of about 210 kilometers"

The "Russkies" will have plenty of time to bail out before the AMRAAM hits! ;-)

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Well, it's not a thread about who has superior aircraft.

It's simply an appreciation of the incredible maneuverability of this particular aircraft, so I don't get the "that's nice" comment. What this aircraft can do in the air is awesome!

Undo what Wilson did

I know...

Just "messin'" with you. ;-)

Hopefully we will never actually find out!

p.s. From what I read, even Germans flying old Typhoons could beat the F-22 up close.

So how many have the Chinese

So how many have the Chinese government ordered?

24 units

$1.5 billion, delivery begins in 2015. http://www.rostec.ru/news/1304

BTW - the SU T-50 is the one to watch. It is a 5th gen fighter. http://www.businessinsider.com/sukhoi-t-50-competes-with-the...

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Good find!

Thanks for the links!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Meanwhile the F-35 is 3x over budget

... and still waiting on the second (or was it the third?) redundant engine they never needed.

"Technical issues" (still!?) means it's about as maneuverable as your neighbors Prius right now.


f35 is a workhorse

Tri Branch aircraft, it's not a replacement for the F22, that's another aircraft.

US wasted billions on the VTOL crash craft.

Wasting money is the Keynesian wet dream.

Free includes debt-free!