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Hannity: Then and Now on NSA Spying

His opinion changes depending on who is president.


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I'd love to see...

...a video done with a split-screen: on one side the above Hannity video, and on the other side the opposing hypocrisy exhibited by the likes of a Lawrence O'Donnell.

The 'good cop / bad cop' routine of these propagandists would be laid bare.

Waking up?

Maybe he is waking up? Maybe Ron and Rand have had an influence on him? Maybe he realized that his audience is becoming more libertarian and he is adapting?

It is possible. It is also possible that he is just playing partisan thorn.

What good is it if he is awake.....

yet keeps his head stuck up his ass???

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche


Sure would suck to wake up in that dark abyss. General Zod has it better than Hannity, at least his abyss doesn't smell funny.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

Man's a liar.

A paid liar. There's a few hundred thousand dead people in Iraq because of people like this guy.

Acceptance? Forgiveness? Perhaps if I were to see repentance. If he were to renounce all of his possessions and wealth, giving them to those he has hurt and if he went there and lived among them, sleeping in their houses and eating with them, working to rebuild this damage this might demonstrate repentance to me. After a decade or two.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Amen. I just don't

Amen. I just don't understand people on this forum that can be so naive to think this great change in his thinking has anything other than to do with him being paid to side with what his owners tell him to.

I like Hannity, but poor guy is just not a very logical


He hasn't changed at all

On yesterday's show he attempted to assert that the Patriot Act is fine, it is Obama's abuse of the Patriot Act which is not.

If Bush was in the white house, he would be saying this is nothing but a left wing conspiracy to hurt America's security.

People like him on both sides of the aisle

Are there to keep us separated into the left/right, concervative/liberal illusion. Remember, divide and conquer is what the bankers are depending on.

Dog, he is a talking head

He does not think, he does not chose what he say's, he is nothing more than a talking head"reporting the news". He has a 20 person staff that writes every word that comes out of his mouth. The only skill this talking heads have is "filling air" and that is nothing more that rehashing the words they have already spoken.
Anyways, nice video. Always good to see them contradict them selves.

I know a lot of people who

I know a lot of people who need to watch this. Americans have such short memories

Acknowledge it and move on to what's important

Yes, Hannity is being hypocritical here.

But I would say that's immaterial to what really matters. Yes, it's important to us to know who is really consistently on the side of freedom, but it doesn't help us convince others. What matters most is how we can get support for restoring 4th Amendment protections. It doesn't really matter where that support comes from. We can go on about Hannity's (and Ingraham's and O'Reilly's) hypocrisy, and at the end of the day, it will accomplish little.

Even if Hannity et al are being partisan hacks, their support will help us combat the assault on the 4th amendment. WE NEED THEIR SUPPORT even if their position is for partisan reasons. So let's bury the hatchet, unless and until they change their position back. Hopefully they don't, but I'm fully aware that may be wishful thinking.

I think all of us need to spend more of our time figuring out how to bring others to our cause.

My approach is this: call up their shows and express your frustration with the massive surveillance that Obama's doing. Tell them you're happy they've had a change of heart and welcome them (be sincere; I know it's difficult, but try your best). Point out that this is what you've been worried about. Tell them that we ALL have to stand together on this issue, whether we consider ourselves conservatives, libertarians, liberals, or whatever, because this issue affects us all.

Understand that many of the listeners thought that Bush was a stand-up guy and wouldn't use the spying powers for bad purposes. Your goal is NOT to point out how someone was wrong, but bring them to our side. If you put people on the defensive, they will dig in their heels and we will lose the battle. What's important here is the Constitution, NOT that we were right. We know in our hearts we were right, and that should be good enough.

It's also important to tailor your message to your audience. That doesn't mean you twist or omit facts; what it means is that you focus on what's important to THEM. When I submit my resumé, I always edit it to highlight the qualifications the employer is looking for and often remove things which are irrelevant to them. It's important because people have a limited attention span. Most people are also only interested in how something affects THEM. Use the same technique here. DON'T ramble on, and DON'T start talking about the Fed, monetary policies, etc. Steve Jobs said, "people think focusing is about saying yes. It's not. Focusing is about saying no." So FOCUS on this particular battle and issue.

Remember, our mission is to win the battle, not tell everyone we were right.

I disagree that it is

I disagree that it is immaterial. The American people have been duped by the media. That is important! It is all in an effort to keep the people polarized and believing that there is a real difference in the two parties. This is a deliberate scheme, and the people should be made aware of it.

I don't fully understand the

I don't fully understand the down votes.

Of course it's important that these people have been flip-flopping. But to go tell your average conservative that Hannity, Rush, etc. have been lying to them isn't going to get anyone on our side. The reason behind that is that you're indirectly telling someone they've been duped. No one likes to hear that. Sometimes you have to bite your tongue or choose your words carefully.

It doesn't mean WE forget about it or trust Hannity et al. It just means we don't openly attack them. We'll never get their listeners to come over to our side if we do, and isn't that what we ultimately want?

Understanding the down votes

Don't sweat the down votes (I was one of them). This is intended as a constructive reply and hopefully you will take it as such.

My personal reason for down voting your post is that your plan of action is not truth based nor energy friendly.

There is no getting Hannity on our side as there is no Hannity. Hannity and the other TV personalities are paid actors. Calling the show is wasted energy.

We are in a battle of energy and truth. With truth you must convey the fundamentals or foundation. With energy you must conserve yours and expend your oppositions.

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+ 1000

Nailed it.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Paid actors to keep America

Paid actors to keep America polarized while the real agenda is pushed forward!

When one party is in say the opposite until your party is elected. Repeat. Repeat, etc. etc.

Wow, I thought Rush was good

Wow, I thought Rush was good but Sean's practicing hypocrisy at a new level. He might just be the Lebron James of hypocrites.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

This video made me

giggle. not lol or anything, this video just gave me the giggles.

-quiet engineer

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Point well made about Hannity. But ...

...I'm really impressed by whoever finds these clips from years back and juxtaposes them with current ones. Do they have an enormous database of video? Do they actually remember these bits they've seen from years ago and somehow retrieve them. IMHO this is a very impressive technical achievement. Kudos!

Google is government.

Perhaps the same people that pay Hannity produced it

I'm not saying that it is so, but they certainly would be in the best position to do so being that they have all the tape and can quickly search it for keywords.

Also the effect of the video is simply a time waster and keeps people chasing their tails.

It is an amusing video though and good for illustrating the media as the charade that it is.

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The hallmark of a neocon is inconsistency. Just ask Jan Helfeld.

He knows all about people spouting this kind of crap. So does Ron Paul, which is why to this day he refuses to be interviewed by Hannity. It's clear from this video that Hannity's moral compass is dependent upon who is in power.

Nice post, and my complements to whoever had to painstakingly shift through all of the Hannity shows to piece this hypocrisy together. I can't imagine listening to him for any extended length of time. Torture is the word that comes to mind.

Your right Ron WILL NOT be interviewed by that pile of s.h.it.

But when it comes to Rand he is that pile of s.h.it best friend. I tell you what my mother use too tell me. "You are what your friends are." So when you hang with s.h.it your s.hit. This is why I don't trust Rand and WIll NOT vote for him if he runs for President.

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by that logic the true s.h.ith.e.ad.s will be allowed to

run everything, and nothing will ever improve.

Google is government.

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How many here agreed with Ron Paul 100% at first?

As a former neo-con GOP voter, I managed to see the light. I'm glad that the local Ron Paul supporters were so welcoming. I wasn't shamed for having been wrong all those years. I was welcomed with open arms and congratulated on having awakened.

Which do you think would be more effective at growing the Liberty Movement:

1. Welcoming the newly awakened as a new friend, supporting their efforts and honoring the thought process that got them here

2. Shaming, belittling and excluding the newly awakened because they were once ignorantly brainwashed through no fault of their own

I know which one worked on me.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Thank you. I've been trying

Thank you. I've been trying to make a similar point; maybe I haven't done the best job stating my case.

What do you think is the best way to get more people of the neo-con persuasion to come over to our side, most crucially on the 4th amendment issues that are currently a hot topic?

I still don't agree with Ron Paul 100%

Like Walter Block, I find The Good Doctor to be about 97% agreeable. Whether Professor Block and I agree on which 3% remains immaterial. The point is, I don't even agree with ME 100%.

On my personal righteometer (rye chee ah me ter) I rate a 99.99, Ron Paul a 97, and Rand and Gary Johnson both tied up around 70.

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I think there are more than just those 2 choices

Hannity is a Propagandist, and there is no reason to think he has changed. In order to turn the tide's on this whole thing people need to stop believing what they see on TV. You cannot say, 'oh, they woke up' every time they say something you might like. How many times do they have to fool you???

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Hannity's VIEWERS & LISTENERS are the prize.

You're willfully missing the point.

I don't give a crap what Sean Hannity believes or doesn't believe. I care what IDEAS and POLICIES he supports on his show, that is watched by millions of people in OUR target audience...people like my folks, who are lifelong GOP voters.

By insulting, mocking and demeaning Hannity, you are by extension doing the same thing to any of his viewers or listeners who happen to hear you. If you end up looking like a raving asshat, you give our enemies more reasons to marginalize and dismiss our movement.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Bingo! Wouldn't it make us


Wouldn't it make us feel good to take Hannity to the woodshed! But we hurt our cause by doing so.

Remember, people often make decisions based on emotion, not reason. Or as Mr. Spock in Star Trek put it, "Humans are highly illogical."