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Call your journalist since calling your congressmen is useless.

Call your journalist since calling your congressmen is useless.

Just think if Snowden went to his congressmen instead of the Guardian...
By going to the Media his impact was infinitely more powerful because it actually did something.

So I implore you people thinking about blowing the whistle... SPREAD THE TRUTH OUT... send that info to a dozen or more news outlets to get truth out to the masses.

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LOL.....ive thought along

LOL.....ive thought along those same lines......there are times i wished that those who have impressed me with their knowlede, i.e. Greenwald......we're actually a congress man!?........a senator!?.........a Pre-si-de......nah, to wishfull :), but the other two, now thats a different story........thanks to daily paul, ive found quite a few who have impressed me

LOL, someone should make a dream team thread :)

Edit: Actually, thats not a bad idea, might find others from that list.......i suspect one day it'll happen, when that list begins to grow


Good ideas on this thread for anyone who wants to become more active.

Good idea,

but let me suggest calling both.
One call or one letter to your congressperson won't do much. If several thousand people contact them, they'll sit up and take notice.
I just keep writing & calling, hoping everybody will join me. It doesn't have to be sophisticated or lengthy, as long as they know your position.
You should contact them multiple times per subject. I try to stuff their inbox single-handedly. The same letter is good.
I get email action alerts from many groups where they have a pre-written letter, auto fill fills in my info and I just hit send. Real easy.

I just received an alert from the GOA


A better idea...

Plan massive protests in front of local TV stations and call your local journalists out (by name) for not broadcasting the truth about the treasonous acts of Obama, Congress, and your state's governor.
Call them out for being biased in their reporting - bad-mouthing "Sovereigns", "patriots", etc.

Freedom is the ability to do what you want to do.
Liberty is the ability to do what you ought to do.
"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." 2 Corinthians 3:17

Good stuff to do

Write letters to the editor in your local paper or your representative's local paper, or both. Something along the lines of "xxx swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution. With his/her support of the NSA spying on Americans he/she has betrayed all of us".

Pick a news site. (NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox NEWS, CBS, ABC, PBS, Politico, Daily Beast, HuffPo, or whatever)
Post constantly on that news site condemning acts of treason against the US Constitution those politicians who support the big brother state. Point out that after all those years fighting communism we have evidently decided to join them. Try to post early in new threads for maximum exposure.

Share important articles which break down the NSA leak to an average person without tech-phrases and without too much politics. Give to friends, family and whoever.

Embarrass your local representative with sarcastic faxes, such as a fax of the US Constitution labeled "TOILET PAPER, since evidently you have decided our Constitution is a worthless document."

Phone in to radio shows and be very pissed off! Use easy-to-repeat catchphrases such as "the only difference between Bush and Obama is the color of their skin."

Calling your congressman is not useless. It just depends what...

you call them.

"Hey suck-sack" works well.

"Yo Fuck-face" I've found effective.

"I am your toilet mother!" usually gets them guessing...

Conclusion - call your congressperson.

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