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The Derivative Bubble Becoming The Boomerang Could Take Down the Central Banks?

This is why they need a war and to disarm the American people of privately owned firearms. They have not been able to have the distraction of a major world war. Without their war of conquest. When the major economies and the currency collapses because the derivative bubble. Without a distraction or the American people not being disarmed. The puppet politicians and the bankers who back them all face arrest and prison time. That will be the least of their troubles.

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Realman - thanks for your contributions. But FYI:

If you have to read something on another website, it is not a DP Original. That is for something written specifically for the DP Community, on this site.

Thanks for your understanding and help.

It is my content

I wrote about the same thing in other post on my website. Just writing an updated version