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Maine House Nullifies Federal Hemp Ban and CA asks Federal Permission to Legalize Hemp

The Maine House of Representatives has passed LD 525, the Federal Hemp Ban Nullification bill, by a vote of 24 Yeas to 10 nays, and the hemp legalization efforts in Maine will now move forward to the Senate, thanks to action & information from the Tenth Amendment Center.

Maine's LD 525 moves to the Senate to find funding for the various regulatory & licensing requirements and framework-although I am not sure why legalizing hemp requires government funding,rather than government absence- and help is needed to pressure the Maine Senate for Yeas on LD 525.

Nullifying the federal hemp ban would make Maine the 2nd State to legalize hemp farming in the United States, after Colorado Governor Hickenlooper signed SB13-241,doing so for Colorado. While the spirit of Nullification grows in Colorado and Maine, California Hemp Legalization efforts-by officials in government-take a new approach: permission.


FULL ARTICLE: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2013/06/18/maine-house-nullifi...

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"Legalization" requires government;

decriminalization does not.

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