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Paradigm shift

These past four months or so have seen a shift of accepted reality by the public. What used to be fringe theories are now proven fact, what used to be conspiracy theory is now mainstream (sometimes) news.

The "always on" new Xbox whose camera never shut off was, during development, an acceptable idea. Now, who wants a Microsoft-sponsored camera in their house, filming them 100% of the time?

People don't just think their phone conversations are being listened to, they KNOW their calls are being tapped.

The fringe groups are going to have to step up their game, seeing as how just about every one of their theories has either been proven true, or now sounds totally reasonable.

What theory going around is STILL too much to swallow after these past four months of public scandal?

Chemtrails? Why not?
Advance knowledge of 9/11? Why not?
Assassination of political opponents? Why not?
Osama bin Laden raid faked? Why not!

What these past four or five scandals have shown me is that if it is simply POSSIBLE, some branch of the Federal Government is already doing it.

What is too crazy to believe now?

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It is indeed shifting

I can't see how this type of system of control can exist in a world that is awakening.

We know that "these" people create more order from chaos but it's going to be interesting to see how an awake and aware population deals with that transition. No one is going back to sleep so all I can do is anticipate a peaceful transition to a brand new time in World History. No amount of darkness can stifle even the smallest flame and what we've got going on here is a forest fire of Truth sweeping across our lands.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


I'll tell you what's too crazy to believe now.

Lately I've run across a lot of people expressing the sentiment that the "powers that be" have everything figured out and it is futile to resist.

I don't believe we're in an easy situation. I think it's very possible to end up in a cage for resistance. But I refuse to believe there is no hope.

Such fatalism is hilarious to me

because the one thing that is certain is that things will NOT stay the same.

The same woe-is-me fatalists said nothing could be done about Henry VIII, Hitler, the Pharaoh, the Pope, the Tsar, Stalin, etc.

The question isn't IF the "power that be" will be unseated, it is only when and why.

Such fatalism, "things will always be this way" is not just occasionally wrong, but it is universally wrong.

Good post.

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