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Stop vote Fraud and Win, all on one site.

If you want Ron Paul votes to count, this is the way to make it happen.

Imagine a site where all Ron Paul voters are in a huge database, all in one place for the whole country. Every Ron Paul voter being in this system, will give us the means to know where every Ron Paul vote is located right down to street level. This can help prove votes, because we will know the Ron Paul votes before they are even cast. Each state, county and precinct can be accessed to check against the vote count. If there is any doubt of any votes, anywhere, every Ron Paul voter in that area could be contacted to verify their vote because we will have all the contact info right there. We don’t need 100 different sites to sign up with to prove vote fraud. It’s already done.

It’s the Precinct Leader portion of the Official Ronpaul2008.com site. I like to think of it as “Cast your vote NOW for Ron Paul to make sure it counts”. This also gives us the way we’ve been looking for to show our numbers to the world, and prove the Revolution is Strong and growing Stronger.

So far over 11,000 have signed up as Precinct Leader. We need a total of 180,000 to cover every Precinct across the country. Remember, each Ron Paul voter you can Identify with this system will be one more Ron Paul voter that can be helping to get more Ron Paul voters. So far, in the primaries and Caucuses that have taken place, Ron Paul has received the votes of well over 100,000 voters. If every one of those voters were in the Precinct Leader system, they would have access to slim jims, signs and support of other Ron Paul voters to help get more Ron Paul voters into the system and it would just keep building on itself.

Do you realize that if all the 100,000 that have voted for Ron Paul already in the primaries, were to get just 1 new person per month into the Precinct Leader system database, and then all those each got 1 more voter each month and so on, that by Sept for the GOP convention we would have 25.6 million votes for Ron Paul, and by Nov we would have 102 million. There are only about 250 million eligible (not registered, just eligible) voters in the whole country.

Now add in the numbers of voters after Super Tuesday and we greatly reduce the time it takes to reach the winning numbers we need. Once you reach a certain point, all those who say “I’d vote for Ron Paul if he could win” suddenly know he can win and will join. Then you hit the next point where all the rest of the “sheep” just go with the herd.

This whole campaign is about doing things different and using new technologies to get the job done. Now is the time to bring the grassroots together working with the National Campaign and organize into a massive vote getting, vote proving , well oiled machine. What are you waiting for? Go cast your vote for Ron Paul now!


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This is so important people.
Once the primaries are over, this info will be so powerful to gain allies in the white house. We will all be on an underground network that President Paul can access at will. EXCITING!

Sign up now, print off the list of names of registered voters in your precinct. Print the list of of other leaders in your area. Get on President Paul's official supporter mailing list. Very cool stuff!

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.