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Lawyer Commits Suicide - All pictures wiped from web?

I saw this story listed at Drudge and found it interesting that when one of "them" get arrested, there's no mug shot presented. Indeed, when I tried searching google, there's NO IMAGE at all of this guy that I can find. You KNOW that if one of us had been arrested for even a minor crime there's going to be a very unflattering mug shot pasted at the top of ever story. When a government lawyer gets arrested for a very serious crime and then commits suicide while in jail, we are given only minimal information on WHO he is and there's absolutely no picture of this guy anywhere. If you can find one, please post it here.


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Were you seriously looking

Were you seriously looking for a picture of a lawyer, or were you hoping to uncover grisly pictures of his suicide? I think you're not being forthright.


are smart enough not to offer up photos or voluntary information about themselves. They know information can only be used against you. Take note.

to some extent true

but if you are arrested, they're gonna take your picture. Not all places publicly distribute their mugshot photos for everything. That's just the simple truth. My guess is that if a lawyer was engaged in home invasion robberies, most of those involve drugs or other criminality, he probably didn't have much of a practice going. One doesn't just wake up and do an invasion robbery. There has to be a lifestyle around that. And that lifestyle probably didn't involve practicing law. I'm just sayin'.

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You're probably right.

I'm just being a bit cynical. I did't have any cream left for my coffee this morning. :)


so I guess the "system" or the illuminati or shape shifting lizards are protecting him? If so, then why was he charged with a crime and why was he allowed to "off" himself?

More likely, he was arrested in a jurisdiction that doesn't make a public display of their mugshots.

Of course, it could have been aliens...

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein


why would anyone downvote the above post? It gives the actual answer to the question posed by the OP. :shrug: can't make everyone happy.

And then there is the fact that not "photos were scrubbed from the internet." :rolleyes:

Take this one for instance, found very quickly using google http://www.wjla.com/articles/2013/06/paul-mannina-commits-su...

This is the kind of thread that makes libertarians look stupid, lazy, and crazy all at once!

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

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Thanks for finding that

Thanks for finding that picture. I just thought it pretty strange that all the news stories had no picture of the perp. Now we have one.

Beware the cult of "government"...

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Redacting is a government specialty.

Perhaps they had this done (the suicide and the erasing), like a beta test for future bigger targets. We may never know now. It's as if he never existed, like a low-level in the Ministry of Truth named Winston Smith did it as part of his normal daily routine.

Correct Spelling: Lawyer NOT Lawer

Maybe the moderator will correct it fir ya...

they use the

osama B ladin model zz camera with a leaded lense

What's a "Lawer"?

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