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FAR - The Smartest Man In The World

I ran across Robert Phoenix's blog about a year ago when looking for reviews of the movie Prometheus and I've been a huge fan of his astrological writing ever since. He also does a Blogtalk Radio Show three times a week called FAR - Free Association Radio and last Friday's show was just something I had to share. Robert had very little to do with Friday's show but his guest was stellar. The guest, Charles Ostman, was especially intriguing concerning the topics of GMO's, hydroponic farming, NSA spying and our educational system in general. It was just something I wanted to share with all of you.


Published on Jun 17, 2013
When I introduced my son to Charles Ostman a few years back at Urban Ore, I told him he was "The Smartest Man In The World." And while I was being hypberbolic, Charles is clearly one of the brightest beings I've ever run across.

I met Charles in 1996 at the MONDO haunt in the Berkeley Hills and quickly he started firing off terms like "synthetic sentience," "self-recognition systems," "nano-tech" and "AI." I got a crash course in where technology was rapidly headed. Fast forward, 2013, most of what Charles shared with me has occurred. His crystal ball was on point.

I'm not the only one that was impressed by Charles' informed foresight. He was a frequent guest on Art Bell's "Coast 2 Coast."

Today, we'll get Charles' thoughts on the current NSA scandal, PRISM and where he thinks it's headed. We'll also dive into the future of education and how our children are facing a crisis as technology outpaces their current curriculum. Lastly, we'll tackle "food sovereignty" a movement that Charles is on the ground floor on.

If you want to know what the next ten years are going to look like, don't miss this show.

Charles' website:


Robert Phoenix - Astrology For The Now Age http://www.robertphoenix.com

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