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Where does the buck actually stop?

Michael Nystrom said in a comment, "In the final end, the buck stops with me."

This was a comment to the post http://www.dailypaul.com/289476/something-fishy-is-going-on-....

That post had ralph hornsby and myself concerned about the actions that Jon took against Fishyculture during Michael's vacation.

That post is now closed to additional comments. Michael had stated the above quote in a comment and I had wanted to respond to it. I guess the only way now is to create a separate post.

If comments were closed because this is a subject that is detrimental to further funding of the site, then the management may want to revisit their actions that are causing these types of communications. I have stated before and am stating again that I have stopped my monthly contribution as a result of this treatment and I fully intend to start contributing again when my friend's posting privileges are reinstated.

I say that to make it clear that I am not "trying to bring the site down". I make use of it daily for news and insights and socialization. However, I will not support this type of censorship financially.

To go back to Michael's comment, yes, the "buck" in terms of whose site it is and the kudos for creation and maintenance, definitely stops with you.

However, the "bucks" that make this site happen come from us users. When management takes actions that cause users to have reservations about the judgement of management, users may decide to stop contributing -- meaning financially, in terms of posts, in terms of comments.

Michael stated in that now-closed post that Fishyculture wasn't actually banned, just blocked from creating new posts -- he said "So, according to her, she was. But she could post a comment right here and now if she wanted."

And he is exactly correct -- she could, if she wanted. Management's actions are driving users away. This makes me very sad, she was a good friend and I enjoyed her presence and wisdom.

I miss my friend's contributions to this site. Without contributors, the site has significantly less value. Please bring her back. You have a financial incentive to do so (my contributions will resume).

I'll even buy you dinner. I had been planning to make that offer some time ago but after this vacation episode it soured me. Please, help me be sweeter.