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Snowden seeks asylum in Iceland through intermediary

Iceland has been informally contacted by an intermediary who stated that NSA leaker, former CIA contractor Edward Snowden, wants asylum in the Nordic island-state, Reuters reports.


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We need

A modern day underground railroad for people like Snowden...

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

This is perhaps an odd question, but ...

How is it that all these top secret agencies that are supposedly the best sleuths in history with the most sophisticated technology cannot find one of their own people? How do the best spies in the world loose track of one of their people? One would think with the level of importance our government seems to value and guard information, that security would be tighter than tight watching and tracking their own people.

I just hope there is no monkey business and we haven't all been set up for something. I have become so distrusting and Snowden sounds so wonderfully principled and saying what so many of us know, that I worry there may be more to what is going. Then again, this same government couldn't find Bin Laden for a decade.


If you understand the

If you understand the encryption and you understand the limitations of using encryption tools (at the cost of some inconvenience and slower internet), you can communicate just fine. Encryption works.

The issue is that user privacy awarenes is still at the level that was prevalent in 1996, most of individuals on internet do not take any precautions.

There are many techniques to avoid surveilance and to have privacy. The fact is that if you want to stay private on internet - you can. Real criminals, such as drug cartels, know that and use encrypted communication channels.

Engage in Secure Exchange

Im sure Snowden knows the

Im sure Snowden knows the tricks they use to track you, and he's probably avoiding as much of it as he can

Get someone like JIM ROGERS or Clint Eastwood who could escort

him Safely out of China to Iceland in a private jet.

I don't think the U.S. would dare do anything to him while in the company of someone famous, and if escorted by HK military to the airport, that would be their getting even, saving face moment. It's time for Jim Rogers, or Oliver Stone, or any number of famous wealthy patriots....even Jesse step up to the plate. This kind of daring act would virtually insure Ventura the overwhelming support of all Americans. Even regular smegular Americans like my mother would get a thrill out of this.

Regarding the USA political structure, they'd be better off leaving him alone, because at this point, he is becoming so famous that he would become a martyr.

Regarding China, as a backslap to the U.S., they could say they don't want to get involved, but they would make sure Edward Snowden flew safely to Iceland, or make sure he got safely out of their country.

Good Observation

Although these agencies have access to the most sophisticated technologies and spying apparatuses, we must not forget this is government. As with most government jobs, there is no incentive to work hard and get something done as a paycheck will come regardless (not to mention it is impossible to get fired under current employment laws). And as backup, there is always government diffusion of responsibility Americans will eat up (i.e., blame the other party, blame another branch of government, blame another agency, etc.). I am sure once a group of NSA agents get back from an eight week all inclusive paid vacation with paid time off something might get done.

It took years to find a goat herder.

I think Edward will be fine. Heck come back to America and hide. Act like a illegal.20 million plus hiding here now. Rename yourself Juan, CHOW, Hamid ,Haji. Even get a job a Seven Eleven. Get false ID.

Money talks and dogs bark

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I want Snowden protected, but where is 'safe' these days?

Is it beyond the realm of possibility that a government proven to be so hellbent on revenge would ever consider the following for isolated Iceland: sink it, hit it by a biological weapon, a dirty bomb, or a tsunami? There are no places that are immune.

Probably as a member of some

Probably as a member of some metropolitan law enforcement squad. They continually fail to notice rapists, murderers, drug abusers and thieves within their ranks. So I think he will be safe, and besides, the blue wall of silence protects their own.

Southern Agrarian

He'll never make it past the Empire

"Calculate every possible destination along their last known trajectory."

Imperial forces will move to intercept :)


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