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Open letter to Detroit (upgraded to active project).

Announcement: this has been upraded to an active project. See details in comments. The original rant/lament follows below but WE MIGHT DO A PATRIOT COMMUNITY IN DETROIT!


Dear Detroit,

I'm a desert patriot. A bit older, a bit harder, a bit more experienced in dealing with tough. But in this internet connected age I have seen pictures of your frightening collapse and the plight of your people. And so lonely and dejected have you become, so hopeless that the sound of your weeping has made it all the way out to the deserts of Arizona. In fact, all across the land.

Detroit you might feel forgotten by some but you are not alone. All across this land are young people who need a chance but lack opportunity. To desert eyes, to unemployed eyes, to eyes who look at the prices of housing and simply despair. Eyes that don't see dreams as coming true but as things that never will. To those eyes Detroit you don't seem like a wasteland but a land of potential shining opportunity to us.

It's said among some people that you shouldn't judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins and most people figure this process will help you to understand others. There's another advantage. Walk that mile and you can turn around and see yourself from afar and from a fresh perspective. Walk a mile in desert moccasins and turn around and you will see how much water you have. How dense and lush your vegetation. How adundantly things grow from your dark, rich soils.

And we're not seeing abandoned houses and structures that should be demolished and hauled away, we're seeing piles of raw materials and recyclables, things we can repurpose and fashion new things. A massive salvage yard for block after block.

And we have discussed this. The response is tremendous. I, myself can lead 100 patriots there to begin a process of transforming the mess you are in into healthy and sustainable living for many families. We can provide our own infrastructure, security, we will see to the education of our own children, we will provide our own health care. We will interface with these communities and educate them to our methods and they will be happier, safer and part of this transformation. We will rehabilitate the houses we can, we will pull down those we cannot and build new houses. We will plant gardens, acres of gardens to grow food and medicines and just for sheer beauty. We will encourage birds and benign wildlife while raising our own stock of animals. We will establish order in this chaos and we will return safety to your streets.

We don't need job opportunities, WE CREATE THEM. We bring our businesses with us and we will open new ones. We will offer employment. We will attract attention from far and wide and provide an example for communities everywhere. We follow money and it follows us right back. It's what we do.

And to do this, we want nothing from you but to sell us the land.

And then to leave us alone. We require first and foremost the ability to defend ourselves. We require that you keep your building inspectors, your health and safety stooges, your cops, your dog catchers, your truant officers, your officers and agents officials and shiny tinfoil badges away from us. Just let us be. Let us do things our way. Your way is broken. Let us try ours.

And unfortunately that is something we know you will not do. Leave us alone. We know perfectly well that when we create success, you will come to regulate it. And give yourselves more jobs to regulate us. And you will attempt to manage us and charge us and tax us and force us to rebuild things your way. Your broken way. Your sad, old, broken way. Because that's just who you are.

Fact is, we don't think you can change. Why aren't we scooping up these $500 houses and doing this right now?

BECAUSE WE DON'T TRUST YOU, THAT'S WHY. You won't let us defend ourselves, you won't let us do things different, you won't let anybody in that isn't subject to your rules. So there you are, twisting in the wind. The would-be land of our opportunity grows over with weeds and all those lovely salvage materials rot away a bit more each year. Each door that will never again open into a warm and happy house. Each window that could have been part of our massive greenhouses. Each wrought iron bannister we could have melted down and recast into rocket stoves.

But I wrote this not simply to rebuke you but to say the offer still stands. We're not going to come there and put on suits and shake hands and make presentations and try to beg your city counsel for this, that's not how we roll. If you want our help, you got it, simple as that. The rules are we make a major lifetime investment in your city and for our children and you leave us alone. You get the benefits for free, don't ask us for anything more.

To take up on this offer just get in touch with Smudge Pot. Or just send out a press release, we'll pick up on it. Or just leave your people to rot as you are doing now. What's wrong with living in a dump as long as you are the ones in charge of it right? But all the same, deal stands. Surprise us by doing the right thing. Get in touch. We are prepared to be amazed. You will be too.

We'll begin by making an offer on 10 square blocks. We can start moving people there in 60 days. Like 60 days from NOW. We can have our advance teams on location in one week. FROM TODAY.

-Smudge Pot of Daily Paul

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Detroit is a very big city,

Detroit is a very big city, therefore it is necessary if people are serious to gather together is one area. Detroit is known for having ethnic communities such as Greek town, Pole town, Mexican town. So having a community of R3volutionaries would be great. An opportunity to have neighborhood activities to educate people and demonstrate what can be done by individuals.

My ancestors lived and worked

My ancestors lived and worked in Detroit from the 18th century to the early 20th century. Since they were farmers, as the city grew they were pushed further north to do their farming. My grandfather ventured back to Detroit from the thumb area to work for Dodge Motors in the 30's and 40's, he told me that the best farmlands he ever saw in Michigan were in Detroit as it is mostly river bed deposits and very dark soil. Of course today one would be wise to have the soil tested for contaminates, but this is only a problem in area that were or are zoned for industrial use.

Tell you a couple contaminants right off the bat

Lead in residential areas and both lead and asbestos in commercial areas. At the least.

All of those houses are covered inside and out with peeling lead paint. Peeling lead paint has been mixing with the soil. Testing would be a smart move. Which we will naturally google and find out how to do when the time comes.

Good call. Be good to find out what's in that river water too.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Nothing that can't be corrected.

In general, plants do not absorb or accumulate lead. However, in soils testing high in lead, it is possible for some lead to be taken up. Studies have shown that lead does not readily accumulate in the fruiting parts of vegetable and fruit crops (e.g., corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, strawberries, apples). Higher concentrations are more likely to be found in leafy vegetables (e.g., lettuce) and on the surface of root crops (e.g., carrots).

"Be good to find out what's in that river water too"

Jimmy Hoffa?

No, he's in the Yellow Pages under Cement

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Soon as you cross the Mississippi

poor Jimmy Hoffa's body is fair game....

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.