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NSA Claims 50 Terrorist Plots Thwarted…Consider Me Skeptical

The NSA is effectively on trial today, answering to its crimes (I don’t care that they are technically legal due to the ruling of a secret Foreign Intelligence Court), with National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith Alexander testifying before the House Intelligence Committee. The General has stated that the spying programs going on without the knowledge or consent of America’s millions of citizens have led to more than 50 thwarted terrorist plots.

Intelligence officials said Tuesday that the government’s sweeping surveillance efforts have helped thwart “potential terrorist events” more than 50 times since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, and the officials detailed two new examples to illustrate the utility of the programs.

In testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, officials cited a nascent plot to blow up the New York Stock Exchange and a case involving an individual providing financial support to an overseas terrorist group.

So, we're supposed to believe those two accounts that we can't possibly confirm, as well as 48-some odd others, which we also can't confirm seeing as they are classified cases that were ratified by a secret court? Sounds great!

Did anyone notice if there was a bulletin posted on Monster.com (do people even use that site anymore?) and college job boards from the NSA looking for Interns majoring in Creative Writing? Seems like they are probably working around the clock on creative ways to invent terror plots that were foiled. This is the anti-terror equivalent to "having a girlfriend in Canada" that no one can verify exists. Continue Reading

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I have to wonder

How many of these plots were helmed by the FBI, where someone was given the idea by the FBI, enabled by the FBI, funded by the FBI, equipped by the FBI and finally stopped by the FBI? Did the FBI give them dud bombs and did the FBI drive them to the site the FBI planned to bomb before the FBI made the arrest?



They were actually saying

They were actually saying they lured people to the US to arrest them.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

At what price?

50 Plots! Likely they could have stopped the same events with less invasive tactics.

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Bump for BS!

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