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Welcome to the New Normal, NSA Memes

Last night, a good friend kidnapped me and forced me to watch the new Superman movie and, by the way, except for the terribly done CGI tornado scene, it’s a decent flick. While watching the scenes featuring the expected military personnel staring at computer screens, I found myself wondering, “When will the first movie come out that takes into account the recent revelations about NSA spying?”

Like the fact that, according to Sen. Rand Paul and other sources including Edward Snowden, they are recording data on a billion American phone calls every day–and he is privy to secret briefings on the program. Remember when Senator Paul made that strange remark that the government was listening to “gazillions of phone calls” last year? Turns out he was forced to say that because he was legally gagged from revealing the truth.

I don’t know about you, but the scariest thing about this whole unfolding story is we are now witnessing the new normal. The baseline…and our president is still calling the whole thing “transparent!”

Welcome to the new normal which, of course, means MEMES:

May I suggest “I’ll Be Watching You” by the Police while you peruse:

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I think this movie qualifies

enemy of the state


Hopefully the sheep catch up.

Yeah, this isn't normal.

This was unconstitutional. Meme this all you want, we must push for an end to all these acts.