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Rand Paul just body slammed Dick Cheney on CNN's Situation Room

Link thanks goldenequity:


Senator Rand Paul appeared on CNN’s Situation Room today. The host asked Senator Paul to respond to video of Dick Cheney who told Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace that the senator was “wrong” when he criticized the NSA’s surveillance programs.

“What I would ask is who did they fire after 9/11?” Paul asked. “Not one person was fired.”

“Do you remember the ’20th hijacker’?” he continued. “[Zacarias] Moussaoui, captured a month in advance? The FBI agent wrote 70 letters asking, ‘let’s look at this guy’s computer.’ In the FBI, they turned him down.”

“It wasn’t that they couldn’t get a warrant, nobody asked for a warrant,” Paul added. “To me, that was really, really bad intelligence – really bad police work – and, really, someone should have been removed from office for that.”

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Too bad he didnt actually

Too bad he didnt actually body slam him...

Of course now it has come out that they started collecting info months before 9/11. Alot of good that did them.../sarcasm

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Here ya go...

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Link appreciated.


How do I make my day?

I watch Rand Paul! Thank you for that opportunity.

This clip shows how corrupt DC really is...

First, great job Rand.

Second, the FBI was all over the original hijackers and agents were shut down at every turn. If there were any Honorable men in DC not named Paul they would would have beaten Bush/Cheney silly with these facts, but no.

We all found a flag too salute and beat our chests for war...

pathetic press and pols. THx Rand, as long as there is one voice of sanity there is hope.


Liberty = Responsibility

Stand with Rand. MSM is

Stand with Rand.

MSM is seriously miscalculating their position on NSA spying. They're just making more enemies for themselves.



'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Dick likes hunting

I like hunting. Let's get together.



Southern Agrarian

next he needs to

administer the Staziak heart punch on this cretin