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Ron Paul on MSNBC (1-23-08) Great Interview + see RP hecklers jab Giuliani

Great interview....best...

most media ignoring.....so see it while you can...


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Yep she's definitely a

Yep she's definitely a supporter! That was a fantastic interview!

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That MSNBC Woman is clearly a Ron Paul fan

And did her best to get his message across in the short time she had.


That reporter's office should be filled with roses as a thank you from us. Does anyone know who she is or the address of the network?

That was a fair interview and she gave him time to talk. I think she had to do the piece because of the producers et. al. but she used it as a springboard to make sure he got his message out.

Blessings )o(

Contessa Brewer

Go President Paul!

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