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time for some Whistleblower action!

It is time we start having the backs of these whistleblowers. Without them we don't get the truth. They should be protected but instead they basically have to commit suicide in order to inform us.

Denver, July 1st, 11am, west capitol steps

Let's start with Bradley Manning since he is currently being tried for aiding the enemy which could result in the death penalty. I can not envision him getting a fair trail after the commander in chief already declared him guilty. Brad was an intelligence analyst, a smart guy, who was intimately familiar with the databases he released to us. He had access to more secret data that he did not release. He knew what he released would not be harmful to the troops.

Brad released evidence of war crimes. This is something all soldiers are supposed to do if they are witness to it. Good on him. We also showed us that our government was lying to us about the numbers killed in Iraq. He showed us that we were knowingly turning people over, who were merely exercising free speech, to be tortured. In the Collateral Murder video we fired on first responders who were tending to the wounded. This is something we continue to do with drones today. And, importantly he gave us the general context to understand it all, the big picture that he saw everyday in his work.

So join us in demanding his release.
Denver, July 1st, 11am, west capitol steps


Some of us will be riding our motorcycles in to his event. Follow one of the above links for contact info or DM me.

Two more things... we are told the Governor of Colorado will be arriving at the same time we have our event, so it might be your chance to send a message to him. Also, I understand immediately following our event will be a pro-gun rally. Some of you might want to come for both. I have no other info on that one though.

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Only a criminal state needs to suppress whistleblowers.

When a state cannot or will not prove itself innocent, then beware.

Governments have killed over 260 Million last century.

Free includes debt-free!

bump for Colorado

just bumping this in case anyone from Colorado or vicinity in on tonight.

Good Idea