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Rand Paul: James Clapper was Lying

President Barack Obama's director of national intelligence was flat-out lying when he told lawmakers in March the government wasn't collecting data on millions of Americans, Sen. Rand Paul asserted Tuesday.

The Kentucky Republican suggested intelligence chief James Clapper had lost all credibility in the wake of intelligence leaks showing information on phone calls and internet usage being collected by the National Security Agency


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More "Clap Trap"

He's just a figurhead. He has no power at all. He's a 'Dumb Sh*t and that is why they put him in that frigin job.

One of the most useless men in the Obama administration..


Makes my day!



"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Here ya go...

The Obamabots are feasting on Rand like zombies

...in the comments section.

When they resort to name calling

Its a sign of desperation

Everyone knows

So, now that everyone knows that Clapper was lying when he testified before Congress, If he doesn't go to JAIL, then nothing will ever change.
When is he going to be charged?

My question